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Manic Marc

Posts from April 2014


Check out the latest song/music video from Avril Lavigne "HELLO KITTY" :)
She has been getting a lot of shade thrown at her for it, for seeming to venture away from her roots.
Sometimes though, especially in this day and age of music...it's time to freshen it up and take it in a new direction,
while still staying true to your roots. It's definitely catchy, I'll say that much! ;)

Feel free to leave your comments :)
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Manic Marc's Interview with Demi Lovato
***This MEME is just ONE of the MANY things I've seen***

HEY LOVATICS! If you didn't know, recently I spent some time with Demi Lovato and interviewed her.

The interview has since gone viral!!! There are clips and pics all over the internet, including Twitter and Instagram.

Here is the link to listen if you've missed it or just want to listen again and the link to the video on KRZ TV too:

FULL AUDIO: https://soundcloud.com/manicmarconair/manic-marc-recaps-his

VIDEO (Sound Check Party/Part of Interview): http://bcove.me/h4cmgass

Thanks to all the LOVATICS!

<3 Manic Marc

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