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Posts from November 2013

Nov 12, 2013 ~ ring ring... it's God

First time in my life forgot to shut my phone off during church on Sunday! MORTIFIED!! My "Super Freak" Rick James ringtone went off during the sermon  ...Coincidentally the lesson was about a bible chick who married seven dudes. A very kinky girl. The kind you don't take home to mother...

We sang the Star Spangled Banner before the service in honor of Veterans Day. Teared up thinking of my Grandpa, my favorite WW2 vet. Miss him so much!!! (He's back in Michigan, not gone for good. Didn't mean to make that sound morbid). Did you see on the news yesterday where President Obama visited that 107 yr old WW2 veteran? VERY cool. Things only got a little awkward when he made the guy purchase maternity healthcare coverage.

This just in... no longer snowing in Scranton. I'm gonna make a grass angel. Cuz my Grandpa fought for my right to flail on the lawn. God Bless the USA!

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Nov 9, 2013 ~ Hey Ma! I ran da NYC marathon...

Never in my life have I felt more like an athlete. And never in my life have I had more than a hundred people yell "Run Forrest" as I pass them on the street.... Haaa. The NYC marathon was an unbelievable experience! Next to skydiving, the biggest rush of my life! Our Ryan's Run 4 team raised over $296,000 (not a typo) for Allied Health Services to help kids and adults with disabilities. I couldn't be more proud. Only got a few pics. But wanted to share....

the start line

crossing the finish line... (sorry I know it's crappy quality - screen capture)

my MEDAL!!! ............(yes, every runner gets one... but still)

Our FUNDRAISING totals! Go Northeast PA!!!!! Your donations made this possible - THANK YOU so very much! xo

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