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Posts from May 2013

May 25, 2013 ~ Star Wars never looked so good

STAR WARS DAY at Mall at Steamtown today! What an adorable array of Jedi, Wookies, Sith Lords, and Bounty Hunters! Wow. Check out these pics!

my favorites of the day!! The force is strong with them.

Yoda is SO precious!!

This is Jasmine - she's a Jedi Princess. She even MADE her costume herself! Isn't that cool?! What a beauty!

I asked if I could adopt these two. Their folks laughed. I wasn't kidding. Is this not the CUTEST thing you've ever seen???? Obi Wan would be so proud.

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May 20, 2013 ~ pics from The Weekender Party

Thanks to everybody who came out to The Weekender Summer Kickoff Party at River Grille, hosted by yours truly! The fashion show by Bratty Natty's was truly spectacular! They even dressed my funky bod in their bangin' apparel. I haven't looked this good since I wore that princess Jasmine costume for six days straight in elementary school...


my Bratty Natty's dress :))

with the crew from Bratty Natty's

more with the Bratty Natty's babes

DJ Hersh! Love him!

another shot of my dress - I wish I could wear this every day!

with my best friend "twin sis" Desiree

MY crew! Me, Desiree, and Viviane = best buds in killer duds....  NOW LET'S GET THIS SUMMER STARTED!!!
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May 17, 2013 ~ learn from my mistakes

Went to get an oil change earlier this week and asked the mechanic if the vulcanized tires are excited for the new Star Trek movie. He did not laugh. Reminded me of the day I complimented the FedEx guy's "big package" (yuck yuck) and he turned around and it was a chick... I should not be allowed to talk to people.

So coming off the high of that beautifully placed joke, I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and run 10 miles. It's a CRIME to waste a beautiful day, right? I realized as I was trotting through a crosswalk that I get nervous if a car is waiting for me to cross. I get self conscious. Makes me change my stride, like a wounded gazelle, cuz I’m afraid I’m gonna fall. Imagine if the mechanic who didn’t get my joke earlier that day was the one driving the car waiting for me to cross the road in front of him. He’d assume I had a horrible accident, leaving me unable to work my legs or speak properly.

Again, the arguments for me staying in the house at all times are myriad.

But I hope YOU have a great weekend here in NEPA! Take advantage of the Fine Arts Fiesta in Wilkes Barre and go outside to exercise! In case you need another reason to rely on natural endorphins instead of drugs: Rod Stewart said in an interview this week that years of steroid use made his pee-pee smaller. AND it left him looking like…… Rod Stewart. Let that be one to grow on.
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May 14, 2013 ~ Thank you Merle Norman!

I can't BELIEVE how relaxed I feel today! Our Mother/Daughter Sparty was last night at Merle Norman in Scranton and WOW - they realy pampered us beautifully! Manis, Pedis, Facials = amazing...

Some pics!

Mackenzie! She and her mom were a couple of our awesome winners! LOVE her!

Check out her nails! So pretty!

Our whole group. Fantastic ladies! And the staff at Merle Norman is SO FUN!

Lissa without makeup!! EEEK! Haha! This was after my facial = absolute heaven. My nails are being done at this point, that's why my hands are outstretched like a zombie..... I'm not a zombie....

THANK YOU Merle Norman of Scranton!
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May 10, 2013 ~ something to think about

She's in Michigan. I'm here. A little blue that I can't be with my mommy on Mothers Day. I'm staying off Facebook all weekend and avoiding anyplace that offers brunch, so I don't start crying in public like a weirdo. I had that problem on Christmas a couple years ago. Some kid offered me a Rudolph cookie at a bake sale and all I could think was: my family's back in Michigan watching Rudolph, probably singing "Silver & Gold" with Burl Ives, and I'm here eating a charity cookie from a nine year old.....and this is the nicest gift anyone in Pennsylvania has ever given me. That was my first Christmas here. Pathetic, yes. But all Pennsylvania Christmases since have been lovely! Poor kid probably thought I was mental when I got tears in my eyes over a cookie...

He's kinda right.

I just wanted to say I HAVE THE BEST MOM (and two of the best grandmas) in the world! I love you all and I would NOT be where I am today if it weren't for strong women like you! I hope all the moms out there have a happy Mothers Day! And if you're barren and childless like me, you can enjoy the day by throwing on yoga pants and cranking up "Groove Is In The Heart" while you dance around like an idiot, cuz no one's there to judge you except that potted plant. Damn righteous ficas.


Mommy & Me = LOVE!!
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May 9, 2013 ~ holy whole hole

Had to retire my favorite running shoes yesterday! What's worse: that I've been running in the same shoes for 3 years now, or that I've run with that HOLE in the toe for 2 weeks? And no, it's not cuz I'm cheap. Well..... not JUST cuz I'm cheap. These things are so COMFY! They fit me like a glove....for my feet. Bad with analogies today.

I run between 30-40 miles a week so these things have been good to me. Fare thee well, old friends.

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May 7, 2013 ~ summer concert season has begun!

YEAHHHH! Bring on the SPF and the Igloo coolers! Summer concert season has officially commenced! Got to host M3 Rock Festival in Maryland over the weekend with my rock radio show. Had a BLAST!

Can't even tell you my favorite part. Jackyl brought my cohost & I onstage during their set to do a shot of Jesse James Dupree's bourbon with them - AWESOME! Plus Steel Panther invited us to hang out in their dressing room for over an hour - we sat there and watched Twisted Sister's set with them, just hanging out, chatting - the Steel Panther guys are some of the nicest on earth! Not exaggerating. It was trippy to get to be with so many of my rock faves and hang out as friends. Bret Michaels, Jackyl, Loudness, Steel Panther, Danger Danger, Kix, WASP, Firehouse, Trixter, Tuff, Great White, Kings X, Steelheart = amazing.

Some pics...

me with CJ & Allen from Firehouse

me, Ted Poley (Danger Danger), my cohost Ralph, Bruno Ravel, Rachel Poley (Ted's wife)

JACKYL'S TOUR BUS! Love them! Jesse James Dupree is the best combination of badass/nice guy you'll ever meet!

my cohost Ralph, Biill Leverty from Firehouse, me

me with PJ from Trixter

Steve West (Danger Danger), me, Steve Brown (Trixter), Ralph

LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this soundboard! And the sound guy was super cool. Let me poke around the controls and check out all the equipment. Music nerd HEAVEN!

....and as you can see PERFECT weather! This was the crowd just starting to form morning of the second day. If you ever get a chance to visit Merriweather Post Pavillion in Maryland - GO! Great venue, great scenery.

Next up: DAVE MATTHEWS BAND at Montage this month! See you there rock fans!!! I won't wear a Ratt t-shirt to that one. I promise.
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