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Posts from April 2013

April 27, 2013 ~ our guests be the bests

This week we had some majorly FUN guests in the studio. The first, Chef Michael Langdon from  Plains. You may know him from Hell's Kitchen. He's on the show this season, still hasn't been kicked off, which I find very impressive especially since I think Gordon Ramsey is kind of like an angry kitchen Darth Vader. Dude scares the crap outta me.

Anyway, Michael had us blind taste-testing some of his dishes. I got none right. But he let me eat them anyway, which I thought was super nice of him. Note to Lissa: tuna and duck are not the same thing....

Chef Michael - cool, funny, tall.

THEN we had former intern Danielle (now one of my best friends in the world) on the air with us - LOVE HER! :)))

Everybody smiles when Danielle's around!

And finally... on the Friday Morning Happy Hour... our friends from The WOODLANDS stopped by! Here's Simone, the hot bartender, sharing a drinkie with me :) Go see them this weekend! Their deck is now open and it's beauuuuuuuutiful! Almost as beautiful as Simone... she'll make you one of these bucket beverages = lethal!

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April 19, 2013 ~ video of my showcase

Just wanted to say THANKS everybody who made it out to my songwriter's showcase at the Woodlands the other night! What a fantastic crowd!!! My friend Sara (such a sweetheart) got a few minutes of footage from my set - thought I'd share....

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April 9, 2013 ~ tuesday, you sexy bitch

Hugh Hefner is 87 today. But his 24 year old wife says age has NOTHING TO DO with sexiness – he doesn’t look a day over a hundred million dollars. Haa... naw, I would never pick on somebody for their age, but this is something I don't get about the elder generation:

The handkerchief.
So people just keep snotting in the same rag all day and putting it back in their pocket? Is the glory of KLEENEX a secret we're keeping from these people? I feel like I should tell them. I mean, what if they're doing the same thing with condoms? It's just unnatural.

Speaking of unnatural, they just released a study that shows childless single women have a very unhealthy view of pets as their children. I'd be devastated by this if Fluffy and Melissa Junior weren't here to console me.... Enjoy the sun today! If you're going to Hef's birthday party avoid the Viagra cupcakes. Unless you wanna stand all night.
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April 8, 2013 ~ Oh baby! What a weekend!

I MET MY NIECE THIS WEEKEND!!! :D My little newborn baby niece/angel from heaven! Her name is Amy Beth, she was born on March 24th, her big brother Benjamin (my nephew) is proud as can be.... check it out...

I know I met Adam Levine last week, but I'm sorry - THIS IS BETTER!!!! Amy and Benjamin, cuddling with me on the couch = happiness!

Isn't she perfect?
I feel like my brother may finally be good at something besides farting and predicting NASCAR winners. He makes some darn cute kids!! Love them so much. If you have kids (or nieces & nephews) HUG THEM TODAY! Every moment is precious.
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April 5, 2013 ~ Maroon 5 last night!
Last night with Maroon 5 in Philly was unbelievable! If it weren't for pictures, I still wouldn't believe HALF this stuff happened to me..... So first of all, I get asked by my boss at KRZ to go check out Maroon 5 in concert (tough job, huh? haha), to do a little reconnaissance for when we bring them HERE to Scranton with Kelly Clarkson in September.

My mission: to meet with the promoter, do a little business backstage, then go enjoy a lovely concert.... IT TURNED INTO SO MUCH MORE! I brought my beautiful best friend Desiree with me - here we are upon arrival, backstage. They had the set times posted - we thought that was cool...

Then it was off to meet Adam - he was SO sweet to us! Said he's very excited to come play Scranton this summer, so I promised him we'd be ten times louder and crazier than Philly! I know we can do it! Plus he said he liked my vintage Van Halen t-shirt. Score!

Then, as we were leaving backstage, their manager came up to us and said "Hey! The band wants you to have these..." handed me two tickets to the second row. I said "Why?" (our tickets were already great - I certainly didn't think we deserved an upgrade). He said "You're cute! They probably just wanna look at you while they sing. Haha!" ...Fine by me! And they did look at us....a lot.... and that did NOT suck... :D

So here we are with our SECOND ROW tickets... by this time Desiree and I are like giddy little Honey Boo Boo spazzoids on pixie sticks. Can't stop smiling!

Yeah. NOT A BAD VIEW....



They sounded amazing, played a huge long set, then did a four song ENCORE (with a special surprise at the end - you'll see in September). Can't wait to see you in a few months in SCRANTON, Maroon 5!!!! Get your tickets tomorrow, peeps!    ~Liss

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April 4, 2013 ~ yesterday was a great day!

Wow. April 3rd, well done. Started out the day with my gorgeous friend Kaitlyn from Swoyersville in the studio with us. She's Miss Pennsylvania Outstanding Teen, in the running to appear on a national magazine. They're collecting votes til April 15, so if you could throw a few votes her way, I'd certainly appreciate it! Just CLICK HERE

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?!

Then I did some promotional work for a gig I'm doing at the Woodlands next Wednesday - can't wait! Here's the poster if you wanna come out! I'm just doing one set, totally free, SO excited :)

And the BEST part of my day by far - MY PARENTS SHOWED UP AND SURPRISED ME!!! Whoa! They were driving from Michigan to Connecticut, we're all supposed to meet at my brother's house this weekend to hang out, but I didn't expect to see them til Saturday! YAY! I love them so much. :D
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April 1, 2013 ~ this day is for jerks

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!! Here's hoping that nobody makes an ass out of you today. I, personally, like to do that for myself. Don't appreciate others horning in on my racket. I mean, let's face it: this day is for jerks. You're basically allowed to lie to people, make them cry, ruin their clothing, possibly maim them, and as long as you follow it with "APRIL FOOLS", you're immune. Sucks.

But seriously, if you were thinking of breaking up with your boyfriend, try this today: "Honey, I'm pregnant.... APRIL FOOLS!! I just don't love you anymore! Hahaha! Harharharrrr!! " He'll be so relieved you're NOT pregnant, the sting of your rejection will hurt much less. You're welcome.

Hope you and had a good Easter yesterday too - I had to work in NYC on my rock radio show, couldn't be with my family, but that's okay! I bought muffins and orange juice for two homeless guys in Port Authority, made me feel pretty good about myself. Unless they wound up there as a result of a bankrupt muffin or juice business. Then I was just being a smartass..... whoops. APRIL FOOLS!! YOU WILL EAT WHAT I BRING YOU!! hahaa Lissy needs to go home. I'm a prank magnet sitting here.... Talk to you tomorrow!
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