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Posts from March 2013

March 30, 2013 ~ Great Egg Hunt is ON

Thank you EVERYBODY who came to our Great Egg Hunt this morning at Mall At Steamtown - met some of the cutest kids!!! Check it out....

Me & Rorie

Me & Lucy

Look at all the people!! :)

Me with Riley & Kayla

Me holding little baby Kevin (awww) and his awesome Mom Leah

AREN'T THESE KIDS TOO ADORABLE FOR WORDS?! Happy Easter to everybody!! Maybe it be filled with family, laughter, and fattening foods! Talk to you Monday ;)     ~Lissa
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March 9, 2013 ~ PARADE DAY PICS!!

What a BEAUTIFUL Parade Day in Scranton!! My friends Danielle " aka former intern" and Martha got to come up from Reading and be in the parade with us and THE READY SET was amazing performing on our float!!!! Check it...

from left: Martha, me, Danielle, Selena (you may know Selena from our FABULOUS sister station Froggy 101 - she's on the morning show with Eric ;) They rock!

prepping the float...

our friends from the Roller Radicals were right next to us!! Love them!

Rocky, me, & Freddie.... doesn't Freddie look like he's in a Colgate commercial? Duch a dapper smile!

me & Maddy :) Enjoying the fifty degrees and suuuuuuuun!!!

The Ready Set performing on our float!

Me & Rocky with Jordan from The Ready Set = he's so sweet!


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March 7, 2013 ~ for my mommy

When you learn to unicycle, you must first purchase a unicycle so you can practice it, right? Kind of an arrogant investment when you might really suck at it. I bet there are tons of garage sales with almost-new unicycles. For this reason, I've always been shocked that my parents purchased a keyboard for me when I was six, just because I WANTED to learn piano.

WHAT IF I SUCKED?? I was six - what the hell did I know? I remember thinking: man, they plunked down a couple hundred bucks for this thing - don't let it be like the baseball glove!! Be GOOD at this.

Thankfully it worked out okay. I became a singer/songwriter/semi-good, earned my parents' money back. But I've always been grateful that they believed in me and were continually my biggest cheerleaders. I did this song for my Mom, for her birthday, because I miss her and we used to sing it together all the time.... Really means a lot to me. Enjoy :) If you hate it, go buy your kid a unicycle. I hear you can get 'em cheap.

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March 4, 2013 ~ why i'm horrible

I feel bad today. I’m a bad person. I’m a worse person than the people who park next to shopping cart corrals, but don’t put their cart in the corral….they just leave it loose to orbit through the parking lot.

My dear friend is in Miami right now and he keeps sharing pics from his tropical paradise. At first I was happy for him, responding with things like “Have FUN!” and “Don’t forget the SPF!” ……Now, as it’s getting colder in NEPA I’ve migrated to “I hope seagulls poop on your face” or “I hear jellyfish really go for the groin – happy swimming dillhole”.

I don’t like to be this way. But I feel he leaves me no choice. It’s like when Kate Upton told us all a few weeks ago that she got frostbite while shooting her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover. The Christian/nice side of me was like “awww”, but the insecure human girl side of me was like “So? You’re the hottest chick in the solar system. Most women would dive naked into an ice fishing hole stuffed with piranha to look like you for 24 hours. You deserve frostbite. I hope seagulls pooped on your face right after they pooped on my friend.”

OF COURSE I DON'T MEAN THAT!!! But I feel the cold weather is starting to affect my attitude. I try to always have a sunny disposition, but you know what would help? ........Some freaking SUN! Haha! On Friday I went to catch some local live music cuz that ALWAYS puts me in a good mood. My friend Kate Hearity (k8) was playing at the Uptown in Wilkes Barre - she's so awesome! Had a blast with my crew! Happiness restored...

Kate & I   :) 
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