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Posts from January 2013

Jan 28, 2013 ~ awesome or awful

Did a little redecorating over the weekend. I took all my old posters from high school and plastered them all over my living room!!! My parents made it happen actually - when they came out over Christmas they brought all these old things my Mom had been saving them in the attic (cuz she ROCKS!!! Haha!)

But then one of my girlfriends came over and she's like "If this were anybody but YOU Lissa, I'd think you lost your mind! Who puts up rock posters in their living room?!" Then we both laughed cuz it's sooooo obviously ME.
Do you think it's tacky or terrific? Awesome or awful? You won't hurt my feelings. Be honest. Keep in mind this is only one wall. The oher three look pretty much same..... haha... devil horns up..... DE-NEET!!! I have lost my mind.

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Jan 21, 2013 ~ FINALLY got a new car!!
Oh my gosh, can you believe it?! I finally have a car that won't leave me stranded by the side of the road or start growling like Chewbacca when I hit the breaks! I can't even believe this is real. My old neon (aka "Leon the Neon") died on Friday. He lived a good life. We had some happy times. But he was getting to be quite a curmudgeon in his old age. I think he was trying to physically disfigure me. Anyhoo, I guess news of Justin and Selena's breakup was just too much for him so he gave out.

I headed directly over to KEN POLLOCK across the driveway and they made everything alllllllllllll better. Like Mom when she used to pat my head before bed and tell me all my troubles would be better in the morning. Except this time I wasn't in jammies. And the problem was lack of transportation, not mean girls making fun of my side ponytail in gym class. I tried NOT to cry as I was telling the Pollock peeps about my car dying. But I was freaking out - it was hard...

Everybody there was SO awesome though!!! Within an hour they had me all hooked up. I now have a 2007 Honda Fit that I LOVE!!!!! I got an amazing deal on it, they helped me every step of the way, and I cannot thank them enough! (Actually, I think my mother's baking them cookies. AJ - keep an eye on your mailbox. They're delicious. Don't share.) I'm finally safe on the roadways and HAPPY to be driving my car! Can't remember the last time I said that.  THANK YOU KEN POLLOCK!! You guys are the best! I love this car and I love you!   :) xoxo

We've named her "Wanda the Honda"!! Isn't she gorgeous? Me so happy :))))))) 
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Jan 11, 2013 ~ what a great week!

What an awesome week here at KRZ! Aside from the fact that we all seem to be dropping like flies because of a random flu plague, we got GREAT visitors in the studio this week! Makes time fly and Lissy smile. Our first EVER kiddie co-host, Ozzie, dropped by on Wednesday. He was SO cool! Came with his Mom Jillian and his brother Jake (whom I also loved) and proceeded to show us that even a child can do our job. And do it better than us.... he ROCKED IT! Hope he comes back sometime.

The other visitor was our beautiful/hilarious former intern DANIELLE! I love her to pieces and wish she was still here everyday! She agreed to keep popping in from time to time, just so I don't cry. I like that. Miss her so much!

Have a great weekend! Talk to you Mondayyyyyyyyy!!!! ;) xoxo  ~Liss

Ozzie's mom's boyfriend Brian is a graphic designer, made this photo when Ozzie was in studio with us - isn't it COOL?!

And DANIELLE! We always crack each other up.... at least we make two people laugh.
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Jan 8, 2013 ~ please help Audrianna!

ATTENTION, any awesome people who wanna help this beautiful little girl!!

The Red Cross is having four blood drives tomorrow for a gorgeous little angel from Hazleton named Audrianna Bartol (pictured below). Audrianna is 6 years old and was diagnosed with cancer when she was 2. Part of her treatment is regular blood transfusions, so they're in constant need of donors, being that her blood type is very rare: Type A Negative  I'm told by the Red Cross that she can RECEIVE either A Negative or O Negative, but I don't know what her specific doctor's orders are. Either way, give it. It'll get used! Each drive is from 11am to 7pm. Thank you!!!!! :)

- Coal Street Ice Rink, 38 Coal St,  Wilkes Barre

- Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel, 700 Lackawanna Ave, Scranton

- Best Western Genetti Inn & Suites, 1341 N Church St,  Hazle Twp

- Fairlane Village Mall, 7211 Fairlane Village Mall, Pottsville

***If you don't have that blood type, but still want to help, call 1-800-RED CROSS. They will assist you.

THANK YOU!!!  :)
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