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Posts from December 2012

Dec 28, 2012 ~ Christmas! :D

I don't remember the last time I had such a wonderful Christmas! I hate to be cheesy, but this was like a dream come true - getting to see my WHOLE family, waking up together Christmas morning, the look on my nephew Benjamin's face when he unwrapped his presents, what a blessing! Allow me to unload some pictures on you. I feel you'd like to know my family better. Because they're total strangers who you will probably never meet. With an odd sense of humor.... and questionable footwear.... kay, here ya go. You lucky dog...

My parents and I at Carl Von Luger in Scranton the night they arrived - YUM!

My sibs! (from left) big bro Jason, me, nephew Benjamin, Ben's mom Sara, brother Andy, his GF Devon  :)

me & Benjamin shopping for an Iron Man action figure

Benjamin putting on Grandpa's hat

I'm teaching Benjamin how to do "rock hands".... isn't he CUTE in my sunglasses?! And already taller than Ronnie James Dio. Haaaa

Aunt Devon & Uncle Andy reading Sneeches On The Beaches to wondernephew

This is one elf I'd never put on a shelf ;)

Grandma & Benjamin on Christmas morning

THE WHOLE BUNCH OF US!! I feel so blessed to have such an amazing, fun family. But I also feel blessed to have YOU, KRZ family! I truly appreciate everything we share - humor, music, facebook friendships, texts, I feel like we're all connected. *Internet hug!!*

....kay, seriously I'm done being cheesy now. Somebody add salsa to me and microwave it cuz I'm a big emotional bowl o' Velveeta over here. God bless us! Enjoy the season! And here's to a cheese free 2013 :) xoxo  ~Liss
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Dec 17, 2012 ~ DONATE to help Connecticut kids

Here's where you can send DONATIONS to help the people in Connecticut:

Sandy Hook School Support Fund
c/o Newtown Savings Bank
39 Main Street
Newtown CT 06470
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Dec 14, 2012 ~ let us eat cake!

THANK YOU to Buddy the Cake Boss for coming on the show this morning and being so cool!!!! He's doing a live show at the Kirby tonight (tickets still available, stop at FM Kirby Center Box Office or just walk up - starts at 8pm) so he stopped by to see us this morning and meet some fans...

Me & Buddy - what a NICE guy!!

Me with the kids and Buddy :) It was the twins' birthday! But all the kids were smart and brought something for him to sign! They got autographs, pictures, hugs, what a wonderful day!

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Dec 10, 2012 ~ baked goods and babies

I discovered two things about myself today:

1) I cannot post pictures of myself hugging children on Facebook without some smartass person making a joke or comment about my biological clock.

2) I love cookies more than I hate poison.
Lemme explain....Let It Show last night was awesome - we had an AMAZING crowd! The acts were terrific! And I fell in love with several kiddos backstage, as you will see by the pics below. But I put both of these shots on my Facebook and people (read: MEN) were like "Hey Lissa, when are you gonna have kids?! Wouldn't that be FUNNY?" ..."Wow, Lissa, I can hear your biological clock ticking from here!" HARHARHARHARHARRRRRRPFFT! (that last part is a fart... I picture these people laugh/farting....because they're disgusting and rude).

I don't want kids, people. At least not right now. I just love them. Love them immensely. Children are perfect. They're like little honest angels that bring happiness and joy. And they never say things like "biological clock" or make disparaging comments about my uterus. I appreciate that.

About the cookie thing - we got a bucket of cookies at the radio station this morning from a listener who says  "You make my morning!" Smiley face. What a nice lady! I dug in right away, elbow deep in nougat, when one of my coworkers goes "Lissa! You crazy? You NEVER eat food dropped off at the station by a listener! It could be poison!" I responded "Well what better way to go?" and just kept eating. I am now four cookies in.....not dead....not queasy....stay tuned. Honestly, who's gonna plan a death by cookie? Not that many people! And if that's what my obituary ends up saying - c'mon, that's kinda cool. Mmmmmm.....chocolatey.....potentially fatal....nom nom nom ......

Rocky & I onstage introducing bands for Let It Show.... we're either pointing at something to our left or REALLY muffing up the YMCA...

Me, Julia, and Stephanie = LOVED these girls! They both ran up to me and gave me big hugs, said they wake up with me every morning :) I gotta tell ya, I'll be smiling for a MONTH about that!!! xoxo

Me with Rita :) Met this gorgeous little lady at Bras Across The Bridge last year - she remembered me! Awwww! What a sweetheart. Sure hope I get to see her again!

Intern Danielle & I backstage. I've informed her that I love her too much to let her leave at the end of semester... I'm trying to work out a barter system where I give her free tickets and she stays around to help me and be on our show.... Keep tabs on this one! She's got a MAJOR future in radio!
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Dec 5, 2012 ~ it's not an iPhone.... it's a cryphone
I never knew that when you had a cell phone SIM card, NOT EVERYTHING is automatically saved on that card. Some stuff is just in your “phone”… some stuff is in your “SIM”…. I feel like Adam Sandler in Wedding Singer when that girl says she doesn’t wanna marry him after she runs out on the wedding and he's like “Gee, that information would’ve been a little more helpful to me YESTERDAY!”
My phone died last week and a handful of visits to AT&T led to me in tears yesterday, sitting in my car outside their office on Mundy Street. Ever since 2008 apparently I’ve only been saving things to my “phone”, not the SIM card. And since the buttons don’t work on the phone anymore, everyone I met in the last three/four years - they have no way to get. Music industry contacts, friends, radio peeps, family: GONE. Pictures? GONE. Texts I’d saved? GONE.

Commence freak out.

To make matters worse, I’ve got somebody texting me right now asking if I’ll play a gig down by Philly next month. I’m sure I WILL…… but I have no idea who the hell this is. I feel like a complete tool going “yeah, I’d love to play your show, but please first tell me how I know you.”

 ***Note: as I was publishing this blog, I sent a text to that very effect.

After a mini-meltdown in the parking lot of AT&T (can’t cry in the store, they all have smartphones - could throw that crap on YouTube), I’m slowly piecing my life back together. I guess it goes to show – no matter how much you THINK you’ve backed up all your information. Back it up again. And pictures of cute kids/family times should be saved to flash drive! Speaking of…. This is the ONLY thing that kept me from going crazy yesterday. Benjamin the wondernephew. This is the background on my NEW phone.

“It’s okay, Aunt Lissa….. just be less of a chowderhead next time and back up your contacts.”

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Dec 3, 2012 ~ I think John Travolta violated me

Never sure how to feel when you’re gone from work for four days, and when you come back there’s a Scientology recruitment packet on your desk…. Ummm…. What? Are we doing this now at KRZ? As part of our employee benefit plan – instead of 401K I get a full frontal lobotomy and Tom Cruise jumping outta the prize closet?

Turns out there’s no real reason for me getting this packet, other than the fact that (quoting their letter) I am an “influential humanitarian, deeply involved with the issues of broad concern in our society”…. Translation: not only do they want ME as a Scientologist, they want me to recruit YOU guys too! Eeee! Apparently I’m powerful enough to spur religious division??? Color me Moses.

I guess the Christian thing to do would be give these guys a chance. But I’m not that good a Christian. Can’t do it. Not even considering they gave me a full length, closed captioned DVD highlighting the selling points of their religion, which I’m sure would be hilaaaarious. But what if it’s Battlefield Earth, the extended version? Can’t risk it.

Sorry kids - if you were looking for me to lure you into a mind-numbing cult today, Lissy Lou disappoints. Unless you consider Sour Patch Kids a way of life, worthy of theological doctrine. Cuz I’ve had two bags of these little buggers already today and they’re close to becoming my all powerful overlords…. Come to think of it…. Sour Patch Kids kinda look like Tom Cruise….in candy form….

….and thus it begins.

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