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Posts from October 2012

Oct 31, 2012 ~ trick-or-treats! = the lowdown

Okay, we weren't sure which areas were trick or treating tonight and which ones weren't. Sandy kinda put all our worlds into a tizzy (SHE'S the real witch). So, we put the question out on the air this morning! Here's what we found out:

Wilkes Barre, Scranton, Plains, Hanover Twp, Carbondale (this includes downtown businesses), McAdoo, Freeland, Ringtown, and Berwick is doing tonight AND tomorrow night!

Stroudsburg is Saturday 3p-5p, Wayne County is Monday, Honesdale is Monday  

*****Whenever you go, have fun, be safe, and drop any unwanted Snickers at the radio station for Lissa Lou. She will give you a free hug. Happy Halloween.

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Oct 27, 2012 ~ I'm opening for HINDER!

I’m smiling huge today! The NYC marathon is next weekend and I’m feeling really good about my training, so I’m happy about that. PLUS I just found out I’m opening for Hinder (their acoustic show) at Musikfest Café in Bethlehem PA on November 6! WOOOOOHOO! I LOVE Hinder and can’t believe they’re even aware of who I am. It’s mindblowing! Very excited! Here’s the link if you wanna grab tickets and come down. I’d love to see ya! Plus I’d like at least three or four people in the room who know who the hell I am :)

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Oct 25, 2012 ~ why the Tigers lost yesterday

I can't believe I made the Tigers LOSE last night! I take full responsibility - I'm horrible. I neglected to log into my blog account and wish my supercute nephew a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and that's why the Detroit Tigers failed to be victorious in last night's skirmish. I wished him Happy Bday on Facebook, I Skyped him, but that's not enough!

I should've posted this picture and THEN they would've won! Check it out.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENJAMIN!!! You're two!! Aunt Lissa loves you more than anything!

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Oct 23, 2012 ~ my SURPRISE weekend!

Omigosh, I got home to MICHIGAN this weekend!! It was crazy! I've been very (seriously) depressed this last year about not seeing my Grandparents in two and a half years, so my dad bought plane tickets for me AND my younger brother!! He didn't even tell my mom he was doing it - he told her they were going to pick up a couple Japanese exchange students at the airport, cuz he's a Japanese teacher (makes sense, right?) but then my brother and I got off the plane! She FREAKED! Haha - it was awesome!

I got to see both sets of Grandparents, got to go to church with my whole family, and got to spend some quality time in Paradise, Michigan where I grew up. Paradise is my favorite place on earth. I always tell people I'm gonna retire there someday and be a lonely old hermit who speaks to no one. They think I'm kidding.... nope.

SO..... allow me to bore you with some pics of people you don't know, probably will never meet, but are more precious than life to me  :)

Andy (my brother) & I with my Grandma & Grandpa Lamb = LOVE!!

Andy & I with Grandma & Grandpa Krahnke = LOVE and a cornstalk!

My Grandpa Krahnke used to play football for Michigan, so he was VERY excited that they won that day! But his granddaughter was wearing Michigan STATE colors! Eeeks! Hope I don't get disowned.... 'twasn't my fault, Grandpa! It's BillaBong's fault...haa

The Whitefish Point Lighthouse in Paradise - the Edmund Fitzgerald went down here. They have a whole shipwreck museum and movie display about it - you should GO if ever in the area! Fascinating! We took frequent field trips there as kids. Was ten miles from my school..... probably saved on gas.

we climbed the lighthouse...what a view from up top!

Mom & I on top of the lighthouse :)

Andy, Dad, Me, & Mom on the beach. None of them would go swimming with me..... wonder why...

Lake Superior - I LOVE YOU! Canada's only a 19 Mile boat ride across! Not kidding. They used to run booze across this bay during prohibition. Brilliant!

This sandbar is actually quite a distance out in Lake Superior, though you can't really tell from this pic. Maybe it was Dad's plan to bring us all the way out here and then run back really fast and leave us? Hmm..... foiled again old man!!!

Me & Mommy :)

Me & Daddy :)

The only way the weekend could've been MORE perfect was if Jason, Sara, and Benjamin could've joined us! But oh well - Benjamin's 2nd birthday is tomorrow, so Aunt Lissa miiiiiight use that as an excuse to post some more uber-cute pics. Of the ultra-adorable toddler variety. Til then, lighthouse climbers!

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Oct 10, 2012 ~ something you never wanna hear

My big brother is insanely awesome. He’s smart, funny, he has the cutest kid in the universe (wondernephew, Benjamin). But he is NOT the world’s best motivator. He’ll admit that…

HIM:  Soooo, Sis – are you nervous about running the New York City Marathon?

ME:  Not really. I don’t care how fast I go, as long as I finish.

HIM:  Ya know, people DIE in that race like every year…

ME:  haha WHAT?!

My sister-in-law Sara (his wife) looked at him like ‘did you seriously just say that’? He caught himself immediately and was like “I mean, YOU probably won’t die…. Cuz you’re in really good shape! But I wouldn’t do it. Cuz, ya know….people die…… (looks at Sara & I)...   sorry – I’m not a good motivator.”

We all laughed hysterically. No kidding. I love moments like these, because instead of making me scared, that actually reassured me. I thought: well I’m not gonna die. So I’m already ahead of some people. I was worried about being slow, but now I’m an overachiever if I just stay alive! YAY! I can do that. I think.

By the way, if anyone has suggestions for my marathon playlist, I’m interested to hear thoughts! I have about three hours worth of music already on the Ipod but I’ll need a couple more hours just to be safe. What song gets you fired up? I’ll probably throw it on there. Unless it’s “Don’t Fear The Reaper”.  Dude, that’s sick.

If you wanna PLEDGE to me (please do):  CLICK HERE  All funds go to Allied Health of Northeast PA! 
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Oct 8, 2012 ~ two things that'll make you smile

Two things making me smile today! First, I hafta share with you.... my dad sent me this pic. He and my Mom live on a farm in Michigan and evidently he's found a way to supplement his income. I laughed out loud!

And second....

Unfortunately I can't blow this photo up any bigger (because it was texted to my 2007 P.O.S Phone - which is a flaming lump of crap) but you get the picture: ADORABLE BABY! My friend Shantell's son, Landen. I haven't seen him since the hospital, the day he was born. That was five months ago! Man, how time flies! Isn't he a CUTIE???

I love his expression! like "Yo, what's inside that camera? Why are you adults always shoving these things in my face?"

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Oct 6, 2012 ~ Bras Across The Bridge PICS!

Thank you EVERYONE who whipped out their undies for breast cancer this morning! Wanted to share some pics with you :) My fave was Barbie & her friend Tara - Barbie is ONE YEAR CANCER FREE tomorrow! Check out these beauties....

Barbie on the left, Tara on the right

Me & Danielle ....and a very large lace bra

Danielle, Cami, Me, and Hayleigh Zim - isn't her outfit ROCKIN'? She was my little helper - what a sweetheart!

WOWWWW!! Market Street Bridge never looked so good!

Rocky & I..... he's waving, I'm apparently doing jazz hands

Even big bad motorcycle men fight cancer!!!! THANKS Spartanz!

Me & Fishboy looking disturbingly normal... seriously this freaks me out
THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!! This was our best year ever! Love it. Well done, NEPA!!!
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Oct 4, 2012 ~ smells like poor person

Was shopping with one of my friends yesterday and she took me to a clothing store where the cheapest thing was $200. I felt like a goat at the prom. Sooo outta place. And it’s weird cuz you gotta play the part like you belong. Try to blend in. I contemplated talking with an English accent. Would that make me look less poor? Probably not. Decided against.

My girl held up a pair of alligator print boots and was like “Aren’t these the most insane things you’ve ever seen?!” I didn’t know if “insane” meant good or bad. I said yep. Looked at the price tag – THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! I’m thinking: the only way I’m ever getting alligator boots is if an alligator eats me and poops me out torso first.

I think even if I were a rich person, I’d still avoid buying nice things. I don’t know WHY I’ve just never seen value in the expensive. I watch rap videos and everybody’s got brand new, opulent everything and I’m like….  Aren’t you afraid to get those clothes dirty? Aren’t you afraid to scratch that nice car? Aren’t you afraid to let kids on your spotless white carpet?

I’d be the ONE rich twit eating Ramen out of nicer bowls and driving TWO Dodge Neons instead of one. I look forward to that day. My riches shall be shared with all of you! Ramen for everyone. And multi-colored carpet that hides the dirt. Rap about THAT, Fiddy! Pfft.... like I'm ever gonna have this problem. Perhaps there's a reason my friend always looks nicer than me. She has an uber-classy job where she doesn't make jokes about alligator poop. It's alllll a life lesson, Lissa.... Go brush up on the English accent.
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Oct 2, 2012 ~ PICS from the weekend...

Our first visit to Groton, Connecticut - where my brother is now stationed :) What a fabulous time! Let's start with Aunt Lissa's FAVORITE....

AWWWWW!!! Benjamin hugs!! :)

playing trucks....

Benjamin, Jason, & Sara by the docks in Mystic

Benjamin and Mom Sara watching the drawbridge in Mystic - look at that SMILE!

Benjamin explaining to Mom and Aunt Lissa how the boat goes "TOOT!"

AND THIS ONE'S FROM MONDAY (our anti-bullying broadcast at West Hazleton Schools)!! Big love to Ryan and Corey WNEP TV for joining us! They'll both be running the NYC Marathon in November with me! Funny how you can tell they're both faster than Lissa just by looking at this pic....

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