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Posts from September 2012

Sept 25, 2012 ~ first time at Bloomsburg Fair :)

Wow! What a BLAST at Bloomsburg Fair yesterday! Twas my first time EVER there, and I had my wonderful friend Maureen "Mo Diggs" (the unofficial Fair Princess) from Bloomsburg be my tour guide...

not even there 5 minutes and I already found my Prince Charming!


We thought the blonde alpaca looked like Owen Wilson.


Pierogies n'  Potato Pancakes! Yum!!!

Wanna invest in Merrill Lynch? This dude was HUGE - can't really tell from the photo but MAN he was a beaster!

"Do I make you horny?"

Me & Len - he came for the food. Stayed for the food.

Every man's fantasy...

These guys were my FAVORITE! Check out their lil Sheep Speedos! Haaa

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Sept 24, 2012 ~ my weekend in pictures :)

How was YOUR weekend? Mine was colorful! Pics to explain…
I got some NEW FALL HAIR at  Bruno’s Hair & Nail Boutique  in Plains on Saturday! Hafta give a big THANK YOU and mental hug to Vikki & Sue, the stylists who collaborated to give me this slammin’ color! Whaddaya think? I highly recommend their boutique! They do hair, makeup, spray tanning, manis & pedis, everything! Click HERE for their Facebook – give ‘em a thumb!

Sunday I broadcasted from Tunkhannock in the morning, and then managed to steal a few minutes to myself on the way home. Something about the scenic beauty of Tunkhannock  -  makes me feel like home. One with nature. Sorry, I’m kind of a hippie…

But come ON – how could you NOT think this is a little slice of heaven?

And then Sunday night, my good buddy Alan K. Stout on our sister station (102.3 The Mountain) played one of my original tunes on “Music On The Menu”. Always a thrill to hear your stuff on the radio. That never gets old. And he paid me one of the nicest vocal compliments I’ve EVER gotten in my life. I won’t repeat it, cuz I’m not a cocky dillhole, but Alan – THANK YOU! I adore you and appreciate everything you do for indie music!! 

Now, back at it - Bloomsburg Fair today! Hopefully pics from that tomorrow! Excited!!! YEEEE-HAW! ….not sure that was really necessary. Yee-haw? Even in writing I can’t pull that off. Happy Monday ya’ll! ;)   ~Liss
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Sept 18, 2012 ~ spaaaaaaaaah!
We had the most HEAVENLY Sparty at Woodhouse Day Spa in Kingston last night! I can't believe how wonderful I feel today! Some of us got massages, some of us got facials, but ALL of us were relaxed and incredibly impressed with the staff and ambiance at Woodhouse!

I would highly recommend them for any spa services - if you'd like to check out their website, click here:


Check us out in our fancy shmancy robes & neck warmers!! :D Smiles all around!
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