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Posts from August 2012

August 31, 2012 ~ Party On Patio = HUGE success!

Thank you to EVERYBODY who came out to our Party On The Patio last night for the Ryan's Run Kickoff!! Raised some great funds for Allied Health Services and saw SO many wonderful friends! Thanks Des, Cami, and Ryan for the pics...

Desiree, Me, & Jamie :)

Me & my piano =  true love!

Me & Desiree - FAVE pic of the night!

Thanks to the spectacular sound & stage peeps at Mohegan for making us all sound our best last night!

Holy musicians! Ryan's band and George Wesley's Band!
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August 30, 2012 ~ holy, that thing is HUGE!

“Wanna hold my snake?”…..usually that line doesn’t work on me, but yesterday it did. I was at Quaker Steak & Lube, Bike Night, and some dude brought a giant snake. Why? Who knows. But I immediately froze cuz I’m deathly afraid of snakes. Turns out he named it after his son.Cuz it was his son’s snake. His son was killed overseas in the service. So when a guy tells you THAT…… how can you say no when he asks if you wanna hold it?

I did what any red blooded American would do. I said HELL YEAH!!!

And this is my favorite junior biker, little Lizzy Farley - LOVE HER! She's my buddy. She comes to Bike Night quite a bit with her Grandma & Grandpa :) Isn't she beautiful?

Tuesday I had ALL ACCESS to Uproar Festival (thanks Sully)! Hung out all day with him (lead signer from Godsmack if you're not in the know) on his bus, in the dressing room, he basically let us annoy him all day, God love him. My friend Amber and I agreed it was surreal. SUCH a nice guy! And what an amazing show!

I’ll have you know, backstage after the show, Shinedown and the dudes from Godsmack were talking about how awesome the crowd was at Montage! YEAH SCRANTON! We rock ;)
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August 28, 2012 ~ my whereabouts

I'M GONNA BE GONE TOMORROW! Yes, you heard correctly - I have a day OFF. Well, til Quaker Steak & Lube Bike Night at 6pm. But most of the day I will be off.  TONIGHT I will be at Montage....

I have a date with Sully Erna (from Godsmack). He is unaware that this is a date, but it most certainly is. Haa Uproar Festival! Remember when I opened for Sully back in April? Yeah, he was super nice to me and I feel I must repay him by going to scream my face off for he & the rest of the bands at Uproar tonight... (he'll be going on the Shiprocked Cruise with me in November too - WOOT!)

Excited to see you Sully!!

I'm also pumped to see THESE GUYS....

SHINEDOWN! Love them too!

And here's a couple pics from my weekend. I got to have brunch in NYC with some very dear friends whom I seldom see. Was very sweet! Too brief though. Thank the Lord for good friends! :)

...the lovely and talented Leah Sutton. She's my friend Ralph's mom - she used to book a comedy club in NYC where Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, Mario Cantone, Susie Essman a bunch of others got their start. This woman knows good comedy! And good talent in general.

All of us at brunch!  Leah, her friend Jill in yellow, Leah's fiance Robert, Ralph, and me :)

Ralph's one of my besties. He's also my cohost on The Tour Bus Radio Show (rock show in NYC). Find us on Facebook! He's even more offensive than me :)

And finally - here's a photo of MY NEPHEW BENJAMIN IN A SUIT!!! I have no reason to add this, but he was in his OTHER Aunt's wedding over the weekend (Congrats Anna & Chase! Love you!) and I just think this is super cute.... Isn't he dapper??

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August 27, 2012 ~ this needs to stop

No means no unless it comes from my mouth. WTH?! Twice a week I get emails from a PR company trying to get their client on the air with us. Their client is an author who penned two books regarding chiropractic issues. I know what you’re thinking – WHY are you waiting, Lissa?!  Book this man before he turns into a global phenom and doesn’t have TIME for piddly little radio interviews!!!

I don’t mean to make fun of the author. He’s probably a very smart, well adjusted (get it - spinal humor) man. My issue is with the person sending these emails. EVERY TIME they start with: “Are you always wondering why chiropractors get a bad rap”? And every time I think: no. I don’t think anyone wonders that. Why would they? And to use the word "always"? Haaa....Yes. Always. Constantly. It's right under "Paying Bills" and "Birth Control" on my list of concerns.

First of all, KRZ’s audience is mainly young females (18-34). Chicks like me. Translation: if we care about chiropractors AT ALL, it’s because we hurt ourselves at Zumba (Lissa)  or drunkenly fell off our friend’s porch (Lissa) and need a little alignment assistance. Doesn’t mean we sit and think about it, hoping to hear some random guy on the radio whining about how nobody thinks he’s a real doctor. I’m sorry, but we don’t.

Who’s the public relations genius sending these emails to a Top 40 station in the first place?! And why, after several reponses of “no thank you” DO YOU CONTINUE TO SEND THEM?! If I were author-chiropractor guy and this were my agent, I would strangle him and demand my money back.

See, people wonder why I don’t have a manager/agent when it comes to my music – THIS is why. I don’t want some spamhead in Fruitypatoot California mass emailing venues or media personnel and annoying the crap outta them in the name of my music. Lesson of the day: know your product. Know your approach. Know the word NO. This is also helpful on dates…..Italian guy from the bar last weekend.
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August 24, 2012 ~ check out my little GUEST DJs!

Aren't they beautiful? Total superstars! You'll hear Aubrey and Kara in some KRZ ads over the next few weeks, talking about my marathon. They're patients at Allied Health Services. I'm running the New York City Marathon for them in November, so any fundraising I do benefits their rehabilitation (Aubrey has cerebral palsy and Kara's a brain tumor survivor). Remember - NO amount is too small! I appreciate anything you can spare!


Although.....come to think of it....they may be taking over my job soon. They were pretty darn good! Listen for them on KRZ!!  ~Liss

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Aug 21, 2012 ~ certain coworkers you don't wanna poison

Holy jeez, I have the best co-workers! And no, that’s not me kissing anybody’s rump - I would have no reason to kiss this person’s rump anyway. But DOUG GRIFFITHS in our Promotions Department, you rock!!! He made this cool banner on our webpage with all this neato information about my marathon!

In case you don’t know, I’m running the NYC Marathon in November for charity. It’s part of “Ryan’s Run”, a team led by Ryan Leckey from WNEP TV and all our proceeds go to Allied Health Services of Northeast PA to help kids & adults with disabilities. This is the same organization getting 10% of my CD sales when I sell my solo CDs. I believe VERY strongly in the rehabilitation angels (my word) at Allied Health and I wanna make them proud – so PLEASE, if you only ever do one thing for me in your lifetime (and one is enough), please donate to my run. Even a dollar. Every little bit helps!

If you don’t wanna donate online, that’s cool. A lot of people hit us up in public. We’ll be hosting several parties, music shows, happy hours, etc that are open to everyone so we’d LOVE to see you at one! The info for all those events will be at the super-cool-awesomely-terrific aforementioned web area on our KRZ website - I’ll update it often.

Thanks again, KRZ for getting behind me! And to show my appreciation….get ready for a shameless plug….GO SEE DOUG’S BAND! Those Clever Foxes – playing locally at Steamtown Original Music Showcase, Labor Day weekend! Search them on Facebook ;) Give ‘em the thumb!

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Aug 20, 2012 ~ my MIXTAPE weekend in pictures!!

Every picture tells a story. Allow me to unveil for you the events of this past weekend.... for my BFF Desiree's birthday, we decided to kidnap her and bring her to Mixtape Festival in Hershey - Muuuaaahahahaha!!!

YOU! Desiree! Get in the back of this SUV!!! You WILL celebrate your birthday with your idiot spazzoid girlfriends and eat nothing but a variety bag of single serve Frito Lay snack foods.... and you will like it!

On second thought, Desiree - get up in the driver's seat and drive us. Memo to self: when kidnapping people, don't use their own car.

Oh, will this rain EVER END???? DJ Pauly D's hair looks wet either way....

IS THAT THE SUN?!?! I think it's safe to go outside again!! :D

....look out Backstreet!...and New Kids! we commmme....

...hung out with Carly Rae Jepsen before her set - I already liked her, but now I think she's a SAINT, cuz about three different guys walked up to her and said "Hey, if I give you my number - wouldja CALL ME MAYBE?" har de har har.....and she didn't even punch one of them in the face! That must've taken tremendous restraint....

...happiness overload!!!!.....not bad seats, huh? ....we be VIP!

....aaaaand thus concludes a PERFECT Desiree B-day weekend!!! What a blast! The kidnap victim was returned safe & sound, although we received no ransom. Her liver was slightly damaged and her car scattered with potato chip shrapnel, but that's about it. A WONDERFUL WEEKEND AT MIXTAPE!!! Thank you Des, Amber, and Colleen :) I love you!  
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August 13, 2012 ~ LOOK WHAT CAME TODAY!

Ever have somebody tell you they DON’T think you can do something, and then you just become insanely obsessed with doing it so you can prove them wrong? That was me. A few months ago. I was in a battle with the naysayer in my head. I faced a conundrum, because I wanted to record an album, but I didn’t have the money. Or the time. Or the studio. Or the extra musicians. So I thought about doing it at home, just me in my bedroom with my piano and my voice and my crappy little four track mixer. CRAZY, right?

The little voice in the back of my head said “Don’t even try. You’ll never be able to do that. You’re stupid and incapable…”  (yeah, my little voice is kind of a dink).

Welp…. SUCK IT, little voice!!!!  Cuz I did it! Took me three months and it was like passing a freaking kidney stone, but I did it! Look what came in the mail today! MY ALBUM = totally written, recorded, performed, produced, and engineered by meeeeeeee! I'm SO happy with it! I’ll have more details soon on how to get it, cuz I’m giving a dollar from every CD and 10% of all downloads to Allied Health Services to help kids & adults with disabilities, but right now I’m just basking in the moment.

Cuz I did it. I might just have a chocolate milk to celebrate. Wanna join?


P.S. It’ll be on ITunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, and several other download sites by the end of the week. ANY online purchases contribute to Allied Health! Thank you my friends!

Hey Ma! Check it out!

Front cover :)
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Aug 7, 2012 ~ my Nascar experience

When we were kids my mom would always use the phrase “we don’t” whenever referencing something she didn’t want us to do. We don’t curse. We don’t hit. We don’t eat ketchup right from the bottle. Like it was family policy to avoid these things. So it cracked me up the other day at the Nascar race when I leaned over and asked “Who’s number forty eight?”, and my mother (who never says a mean word about ANYBODY) goes “That’s Jimmie Johnson. We don’t like him.” Ha!
As you may know, this was my first time EVER at a Nascar race and my parents were in from Michigan, excited to be going with me. They’re very passionate about their Nascar drivers. They’re also very passionate about not standing under metal beams when lightning strikes. So we fled at the first sign of icky weather. Aside from that, we had a BLAST at the race! I will definitely be going to another one! Allow me to bore you with a couple photos from our togetherness…

Me w Mom & Dad in our AWESOME seats!

They let us on the track!! Check out turn #1 - LOVE Pocono Raceway!

Mommy & Me :) What a FUN DAY!

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