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July 7, 2015 ~ summertime and the livings eeeasy

Wow, I cant believe it's July 7th already. I'd like to blame my pasty white skin on the fact that I'm a devout SPF disciple (which is true) but sadly, it's mainly because I haven't been outside enough! Work, work, work, gig, gig, gig, but I love love love it. Here are some highlights from the last couple weeks:

Played a super fun show at What's Brewin' in Old Forge - the owners KIDS came out (note the adorableness) and I gave them impromptu piano lessons while I was on break. Rory & Caden = ROCKED IT!

Then the next day, went to the BEACH with my friends!!!! :) Wildwood is heaven!

And finally, got to hang out with my bestie who lives in Temple, Danielle! She was our intern when I first started in 2010/2011, maybe you remember her. She was on air with us quite a bit. I'm still trying to convince her to move to Scranton and work for KRZ! Lol fingers crossed!!!

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June 10 2015 ~ wrasslin' and hitchin'

Wow, summer is off to a great start! Got to hang with two of my favorite people these last few weeks and I couldn't be happier! My brother Andy came in from Jersey to go to WWE with me (he's the first family member to see my new apartment - WOOT) and I got to have dinner with my friend Amber last night, whose wedding I'm in this October. Here's picture from both. If you have a hard time discerning who's Andy and who's Amber,'re not very bright. Yay summer 2015!!

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May 9, 2015 ~ St.Mary's School 5k

Thank you to the kids at St.Mary's School in Dunmore for inviting us to their annual 5k for the second time! We had an absolute BLAST and hopefully raised tons of money for the school. Dave Bohman from WNEP was running with us, as was CHAMP from the SWB Railriders! What a fun day :)

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May 7, 2015 ~ Mother-Daughter Sparty night!

Thank you ABINGTON SPA for a wonderful Mother/Daughter Sparty Monday night! All our winners had a fabulous time! If you're looking for a new full service salon/spa that has a fantastic staff, check them out! They're at 251 East Grove Street in Clarks Summit. Just seach Abington Spa on facebook!

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May 4, 2015 ~ M3 Rock Festival 2015!!!!!

For the 3rd year in a row, I got to host M3 Rock Festival in Columbia Maryland with my cohost from The Tour Bus Radio Show and it was AMAAAAAZING! Always one of my favorite events every year! Here's how it started...

Gearing up...

Me with Frankie Banali from Quiet Riot, after their set first day

Met Tawny Kitaen from the Whitesnake videos and Bobbie Brown from the Warrant videos, even got to interview Tawny. She was SO sweet! She told me they originally brought in Paula Abdul to choreograph the dancing-on-the-car-hood thing for "Here I Go Again" but when Paula saw that Tawny was already doing super sexy moves WITHOUT choreography, she smiled and said "You don't need me" and left! Pretty cool compliment coming from Paula Abdul, no?

Me with Robert Mason (freaking INCREDIBLE vocalist) from Warrant

VIXEN!!!!! They were so cool during our interview - they said new music is coming from them in 2015 and I HOPE THAT'S TRUE! Kickass chicks.

My cohost Ralph and I just introduced Tyketto and watched from backstage as they TORE IT UP!!!

WINERY DOGS!! Billy Sheehan, Mike Portnoy, and Richie Kotzen are better than everyone at everything. Musical gold standard right here folks. This wasn't my first time hanging with them, but got a little extra time on Saturday because right after this pic was taken Richie accidentally kicked over my drink. I was like "no big deal" but they insisted we come to their trailer so they could make me another drink. Cut to a half hour later and we're sitting around chatting, Billy Sheehan tells me he's an awesome cook and starts giving me his recipe for pork bites. My inner monologue was something like: I can't believe Billy Sheehan, BASS GOD, is sitting here giving me pork recipes...I can't believe Billy Sheehan just made me a drink...I can't believe Billy Sheehan, Mike Portnoy, and Richie Kotzen are just sitting here bullsh*tting with me and Ralph...I hope Ralph doesn't fart...hope I don't I have lipstick on my teeth?....pretend you know how to cook pork.

Me and Michael Grant from LA Guns thought it would be funny to pose on this swing as if we were going to prom. (BTW if you think you recognize him from somewhere else, he used to front & play guitar for a band called Endeverafter. They were great too!)

THANKS M3!!!!!! Can't wait til next year!

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April 28 2015 ~ Happy 90th Birthday Grandpa!!

Feeling VERY blessed that I got to fly home to Michigan for my Grandpa's 90th birthday party over the weekend! He's my hero and my rock - I've always been able to talk to him about anything. Our family had his party on Saturday, then we all went to our church together Sunday. He had a blast!! So did we.

He and Grandma have 10 kids counting my mom, so there were over 100 of us at his party! Haha and we STILL were missing a few! 

Love this buncha crazies!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!!!!! xoxo

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April 8, 2015 ~ Me & Jackson on PA Live

Thanks PA Live on WBRE for having me & Jackson Vee on to perform again!! We're playing Andy Gavin's Friday night April 10 if you wanna come out! No cover ;) We start at 9pm. 

In case you missed it...


In case you missed it...Pa Live performing "Don't Follow" with LissaLou Krahnke

Posted by Jackson Vee on Sunday, April 5, 2015
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March 27, 2015 ~ new ink!

Thank you Marc's Tattooing & Body Piercing in Wilkes Barre for my SWEET new ink! This is my 4th (and favorite) tattoo! Vinnie the artist helped me design it so it's completely unique, no one else has this same design, and I LOVE IT! Go see them if you're looking for fresh body art - you'll be glad you did!

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March 24 2015 ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my beautiful niece Amy! I can' believe she's two already!!! The happiest days of my life were when she & her brother Benjamin were born. I love them both so much I could burst! Check out the cuteness...

And a few pics from my weekend here - shout out to my best friends in the world for making this March tolerable! I've had a rough month. Breakup with my ex, new apartment, no furniture, had to start from zero all over again, soooo.... Desiree, Danielle, Jenis, I love you guys SO much! THANK YOU for being there for me always! You're amazing :)

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March 14 2015 ~ pint party & parade!!!!!

Wow, what a CRAZY couple days! Thank you EVERYONE who came to our Pint Party Blood Drive with the Red Cross yesterday! We exceeded our goal of 40 pints and could NOT be more stoked! Rocky, Freddie, and I all donated. So did Intern Travis (his first time - he was literally shaking, so nervous, but he was a total rock star once he got in the chair). Each pint saves 3 lives so over 100 lives saved by the end of the day! Not too shabby!!

Our parade in Scranton was a rainy one but a fun one! YouTube star Megan Nicole performed the whole parade route and was absolutely wonderful. Such a joy to work with! Now off to dry clothes and hot chocolate... THANKS SCRANTON!!!

Rocky & Me with Megan Nicole

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