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Jeff Walker

KRZ's 30th Anniversary Cruise to Bermuda . . . the pics!


- on the second night of the cruise Jeff participated in something called The Quest - which is basically an adult oriented show that involves the audience . . . Jeff ended up in a bra on stage!

Royal Carribean - Explorer of the Seas

. . . there he is . . . in his glory . . . dead sober

Elbow Beach - Hamilton

Amanda, Jeff, Karen from Sea the World travel in Forty Fort, Sue, and Rocky

Our crew at FINISH THAT LYRIC - Amanda played and came in 3rd!

with the captain of the ferry ... he let Amanda steer it!

Jeff with The Honesdale Ladies!

The Honesdale Ladies!

We were obsessed with the watermelons!

on the radio with our ship captain in the bridge of the Explorer of the Seas!

this man, Gus, proposed  to Amanda and invited her to move to Bali with him

09/17/2010 9:01AM
KRZ's 30th Anniversary Cruise to Bermuda . . . the pics!
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09/17/2010 12:26PM
Pics just don't tell the story of the Quest. What a great time this cruise was with the DJ'S. They are craaaaaazzzzy fun.
09/17/2010 2:14PM
mary hessling
WOW words can be express how wonderful the trip with you guys was. We had such a great time with all of you guys and yes Karen was wonderful. Keep celebrating and you can count on us to be there. love you guys Honesdale ladies
09/17/2010 2:38PM
Karen Monko Nagle
Thank you KRZ 98.5 for the business on the KRZ Cruise to Bermuda. It was AWESOME!! Jeff, Amanda, Rocky & Sue you 4 are amazing fun people. Thank you to all my cruise passengers, you all made my job fun and easy. Until next time.... Cheers Karen A Monko Nagle Sea The World Travel
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