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June 9, 2011 ~ this applies to everyone but Conan

Okay, you have until Monday to keep making Weiner jokes and then we’re done with it folks. Joke is played. Actually, I work in media so the joke felt played about two hours into our Wednesday morning show, but I’m giving the rest of society a little bit of leeway because not EVERYONE works at a radio station where the entire building is nothing but smartasses and one-uppers (and I mean that in the nicest way).

I feel like I hafta stamp this Weiner incident with an expiration date because (not even kidding) about a month ago I got hit with an “I’m Rick James, bitch!”……seriously. We can’t let this happen again. I almost clocked the guy in the face just outta principle. Why don’t we make some Urkel references while we’re at it? Or whip out a few rounds of “WHAZZZZUPPP?”

Bottom line: Weiner jokes – DONE as of Monday. “Winning” references (or any other Charlie Sheen lingo) – DONE as of a month ago. Dave Chappelle references – DONE as of the early 2000’s.

I don’t make the rules, people. I just enforce them… I yell “Sha-zam!” (Gomer Pyle……that’s new, right?)



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06/09/2011 6:46AM
June 9, 2011 ~ this applies to everyone but Conan
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06/09/2011 5:41PM
What are you and Shantell drinking, Bartles & James???!!! "All righty then!"
06/10/2011 8:14AM
HAHA! Noooooo way! Those are Twisted Teas ROCK! ;p
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