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June 18, 2012 ~ don't get mad, get stupid

I would never call Justin Bieber fans stupid. I LIKE Bieber (shut up). He’s very talented. His fans however….make some very stupid Tweets. If you don’t believe me, search it. But be prepared for an assless future because after five minutes you will have laughed it off. Tomorrow Justin’s album comes out - his royal minions have taken over the Twitterverse (and everywhere else) expressing their love, adoration, and general worshipfulness for his highness Justin Bieber. I’m all for it! If you’re a fan of somebody,  go all out! Wear your Def Leppard t-shirt PROUDLY (Lissa)…. But THIS….. is ridiculous.

This is an actual Tweet from an actual Bieber fan (apparently in response to someone claiming that Kurt Cobain was more popular than Beebs, wth?).


First of all, a more stupid argument I cannot comprehend. Second of all, learn what year Twitter was invented (psst – 2006). Learn what year Kurt Cobain died (psst - 1994). And learn that your parents were cousins (psst – they were).

I truly FEAR for our youth sometimes. Especially since I will probably have no children and these are the people who will someday be taking care of me in a nursing home. Can’t wait to have a conversation while they change my diaper about who was better – Def Leppard or Justin Bieber. I like them both. But Bieber IS better at hoverboarding. Get it? Hasn’t been invented yet! HARHARHARHARHARBLES! Meanwhile, they’re changing my diaper going “Lissa, where’s your ass?” …….”Oh, I’m sorry. I laughed it off reading your Tweets back in the Bieber days, you freaking tool.”

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06/18/2012 9:31AM
June 18, 2012 ~ don't get mad, get stupid
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