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June 12, 2012 ~ your personality is showing...ew

Okay, I WAS on board with ex-Miss Pennsylvania at first. Til I found out she was a jealous catty beeotch. When Sheena Monnin claimed the Miss USA contest was rigged, I was like “Yeah! Stick it to Donald Trump! Show him your proof! Poke his toupee!”….but that’s the problem. She doesn’t HAVE proof. What she DOES have is a horribly hateful attitude. The Miss USA organization gave TMZ text messages it claims Sheena sent to a pageant official when they announced Top 16. Here’s one:

"Colorado? South Carolina? I'm done. This is ridiculous. It's obviously rigged so the girl they want can shine; they kept several beautiful girls out for that reason."

Sheena claims Miss Colorado and South Carolina were too ugly “in the face” to make Top 16. What?! The pageant officials believe these text messages will show that Sheena's conspiracy theory is emotionally motivated, and she’s basically a sore loser. I hate to say it – but they’re right. Remember, Sheena never saw the document in which SHE claims the final 5 were already predetermined. She says another contestant told her about that document. Wow. Hearsay. How very reliable. There’s a reason hearsay is inadmissible in court, Miss PA(rty pooper).

If anything, these text messages prove how truly hateful women can be. Sometimes purdy on the outside can still mean you’re ugly as sin underneath. And for the record, next time you’re trying to insult your fellow competitors in a BEAUTY pageant, try to think of something more believable than “ugly”.

Oh, wait…..I just found pictures of those two trolls. You’re right!! ICKY POO! I can barely suppress my gag reflex! Hideous! See, if there was a Miss Sarcasm award, it’d go to me…. These two women are gorgeous. Can it, Sheena. Go back to opening shopping malls and waving in parades. And move to another state. That’d be awesome. We don’t want you anymore. Women! We need to build each other up! Not tear each other down.

I mean, unless you're disgustingly unattractive like these two water buffalo. Then you don't deserve love. 

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06/12/2012 10:03AM
June 12, 2012 ~ your personality is showing...ew
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06/14/2012 8:52AM
The Kardashian sisters are multiplying.
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