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Joe Must Go

Please Rocky stop judging until all the facts come in.
Joe did not c the event and he did what he was required.
I am a psu graduate and joe did what he needed to do.

These are just a sample of some of the texts from today's show.  And it seems like the majority of our listeners are of like mind.

Why must Joe Paterno step down? He didn’t do anything legally wrong.  He "did what was required" as one of our texters stated.  But morally, he turned his back on those kids.

We kept hearing about "protocol" from callers.  If you saw or heard about a 10 yr old being raped, would your first thought be protocol?

This is an ugly situation that will soon get uglier.  I don't intend to make Joe Paterno the fall guy here.  We all know about his long storied career at PSU and what he has meant to the school and the community.  But he should have done more than just report the incident to his superiors.

So many people were at fault here.

The disgusting excuse of a human being that is solely responsible for these horrendous acts will get his.  But others must pay the price for their do nothing attitude and this includes the Graduate assistant that reported the incident, Coach Paterno and President Spanier. 

Read the Grand Jury’s findings. It will make you sick.

If you’re a Penn State football fan, you have to put your love for the Nittany Lions & Coach Paterno aside. Do you see Paterno on the sidelines coaching Penn State against Nebraska Saturday afternoon? I don’t.

It’s too bad the legacy of Joe Paterno has to end this way. But he’s got to go. And the President should hold the door for him and follow him on the way out.




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11/09/2011 10:44AM
GRAJoe Must Go
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11/09/2011 5:08PM
Having read the indictment (horrifying!) I am mostly angry at Shultz and Curley, since they did not follow correct steps. Remember that Paterno did not witness the event himself. Should a *report* of an incident reach you, you should follow procedure. Personally, I believe I'd call the police immediately if I was in the shoes of the graduate assistant. But if I was in Paterno's, I'd do exactly as he did, because it was a report, not a witnessed event.
11/10/2011 12:30AM
not for nothing but they all should be fired and convicted.....this is discusting!!!!! for every child AFTER they knoew IS THEIR fault!..had they went to the police others would not have been would have ended with the ones who were..but nooooo...the pieces of pooo kept their own dirty mouths clean and quit and ALLOWED otehrs to be victimised...and revictimised..this has NOTING to do with Penn State! it has to do with these kids whos lvies have been turned upside doen..and all the others after...all because NO ONE not just JOE kept quiet..therfore..they all should burn in hell !!!!! it would have been stopped but nooooo...ALL penn state involoved should be fired..and arrested for allowing it to happen..again and again and again.....
11/10/2011 12:33AM
they ALL should be fired
its not just joe it is all involved! had they told then other vistimes would not have happened! they all need to be fired...its their fault others were raped...if onoy they all told...its not a penn state thing...its a whos involved thing....and those should all p[ay as the victims did...this is discusting! its not about joe its about what happened to these the hand OF ALL INVOLVED physically mentallty and knowingly!
11/10/2011 2:17AM
Judge Not lest you be judged
I Love these people that can Judge others. I thought that Sanduskey was the one that abused these kids, but lets forget him, because he is innocent until proven guilty, yeh right, lets jump on the biggest figurehead at Penn State. I am not a big Joepa fan or a big Penn State fan, but come on people, what Joe did was wrong, or at least maybe he could have done more, but he didn't molest these kids. I am so disgusted with Penn State's handling of this whole affair, but also just as much the media's handling of it, YOU included
11/10/2011 7:20AM
they all must go
It was not just Joe it is everyone who knew that should be held accountable for what happened. Had they did what they all should have done no other children would have been victimised..therefor it is THEIR fault others were harmed as well...had they would have been stopped
11/14/2011 1:53PM
joe must go
Hi rocky , sorry to say I must agree with that last persons statement I have a nephew & niece that graduated from there & am sure they didn't like what they heard as well. If u paid attention to other reports they did say joepa did report to who he had to & it was up to the HIGHER up authorities @ the college to report to the police but did they ,NO They just kept it quiet all these yrs.untli now it becomes a BIG mess for the U, apprentially the HIGHer college authorities didn't do there part wouldn't u say so .
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