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Posts from October 2012

Oct 31, 2012 Last Minute Costume idea!

Alright's my gift from me to you. I was going to use this idea myself but I can't get free of other stuff tonight so won't be needing this...It's simple and when people ask what you are, and you tell them, you'll probably get a few laughs.

Just wear nothing but gray clothing....from head to toe: shirt, tie, pants, shoes...light grays, dark grays...then get some gray or silver spray for your hair and if you're really ambitious, gray face paint. Maybe a gray hat. What are you???

50 Shades of Gray!!! hahaha

By the's what I did the last two halloweens if you wanna try and pull off these!

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Oct 18, 2012 Insanity: Should YOU try this workout?
You've probably seen the infomercial for Insanity. It's brought to you by the marketing geniuses that brought you P90X. This workout is totally different. Here are the plus and minuses of Insanity:
Plus: it's only 60 days long
workouts are short the first month...about 40 minutes
you will lose bodyfat and improve your cardio endurance DRAMATICALLY
you don't need a single piece of equipment. Nothing! Not even a mat. Nothing.
Sean T. is a great motivator and everything is explained well including the meal plan (super easy to follow and you won't starve at all)

Minuses: It's BRUTALLY hard and it's mostly plyometrics (jump fitness)
the lack of equipment means less exercises to choose from which means it can be repetitive at times
You will sweat like you never have before and you should absolutely wear a heart monitor! It's that intense.
The second month will probably make many people give up! (don't!!!)
And most importantly, your kness will take a pounding from the excessive jumping, day after day, six days a week

Here's my thoughts: It's great if you're an athlete looking to improve cardio strength or leg strength. It's GREAT for flexibility too and for losing bodyfat. But for anyone with joint issues or prior knee injuries, I would choose a different program. If you haven't exercised on a regular basis in awhile, I would NOT start with this program. Beach Body has tons of great programs like P90X, P90X2, Brazilian Butt Lift, Ten Minute Trainer and about 10 others. You can check all of them out at my website That;s how much I believe in this company....Feel free to email me with any questions.
   And just for the record, after having tried virtually all the workouts (with the exception of their new bodybuilding program Body Beast, which I start Tuesday), I would rate P90X as still the best program I've ever experienced. Good luck!

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Oct 1, 2012 Big Trunk Show...Save one day only at Friedman's in Dunmore!
    You know I'm a guy that attends alot of weddings and really care about how I look. I am absolutely in LOVE with my newest suit aquisition; this Hugo Boss masterpiece sold exclusively at Friedman's in Dunmore.
     If you are really discriminating about your wardrobe, I wanted to tip you off to a rare chance to see exclusive new lines at SPECIAL pricing for one day only! The trunk show is Wednesday, October 10th from 12noon to 6pm (later by appt). The hot new lines for men and women include Hickey Freeman, Allen Edmonds Footwear, the incredibly hot Barbour Footwear line and all new for the fall, the Blackstone shoe line (designed and priced for trendy young men). Tell Phil I sent ya!!

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