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985wkrz: Back at it tom morn & we wanna make u a #LetItShow VIP at 7a!!! @rockyandlissa #AdamLambert #rachelplatten
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Jeff Walker

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9-6 Why moms never have a moment to themselves
I don't have any kids, but I have lots of female friends that do. And kids in this country have fallen in love with soccer. (well...til high school then they'll rejoin us big kids for for football, basketball, baseball, etc.....) But I quickly realized soccer is ALOT more than driving the little ones to a game once a week! It's more like practices, practices, buy equipment, meetings, practices and eventually the games. And more games. I get exhausted listening to my friends run down their schedule! Of course this is in addition to the million other things parents have to do. But naturally you try do anything and everything for your kids. Good for you! Hopefully they'll remember all this one day when you're in a rocking chair thinking about the good ol days when you were racing all over n.e. Pa on your way to soccer!

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