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Jeff Walker

Posts from January 2012

1.31 Two local guys pulled off a HILARIOUS prank! VIDEO!
 Two local guys were featured as the #1 video on TruTV’s TOP 20 Most Shocking Practical Jokers Gone Wild --- Jason’s buddy Mark loves kids, but is deathly afraid of a poopy diaper. Jason filled a diaper with pudding while they were trying on hunting gear and surprised him with it!

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1.25 Old Navy Outfit of the Week
It's Wednesday ... don't forget to check out Email Wednseday on PA LIVE with US today at 4 on BRE ... and the OLD NAVY Outfit of the Week! Amanda went bright with a rustic orange blazer and everyone is obsessed with Jeff's shirt ... it's NEW at Old Navy in Wilkes Barre this week! (Amanda's necklace is also from ON!) On Email Wednesday, what would you do if you bought a house and while renovating, found over $20,000 in cash in the attic ... would you tell the previous owner?
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1.18 It's Wednesday! Woo!
Wednesdays are kind of crazy here. As usual, we'll be on PA LIVE for Email Wednesday at 4. Tune in on WBRE to check out the show ... and see our OLD NAVY outfit of the week! We didn't even plan it, but both wore super bright colors today. Also, the new Weekender comes out today. Each week you can read BITCH & BRAG in The Weekender or here.
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1.17 Aww! How AWESOME is this SURPRISE Wedding Dance!?!

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1.11 Old Navy Outfit of the Week!
Wednesday = new Old Navy outfit! Don't forget to check out PA LIVE today at 4pm for Email Wednesday! Thanks to Old Navy in Wilkes Barre for dressing us! Both Jeff & Amanda's tops were on sale for $19.50! Amanda's necklace is from Old Navy's hot accessory section! Just $10!

Jeff insists "all the guys are wearing rolled up sleeves." He's looking good in plaid, don't you think?

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1.4 Old Navy Outfit of the Week!
Here's our OLD NAVY Outfit of the Week from Old Navy in Wilkes Barre! Everything Amanda's wearing was on sale ... and her earrings are from Old Navy too!

Wait until you see everything new Old Navy has in store for Spring! The stores are slowly welcoming in new Spring stuff now! :)

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