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Jan.20, 2011 ~ DIRTY PICTURES OF US!! Seriously. I dropped these on the floor be

Had an insanely good time Monday at our Rocky, Sue, & Lissa photo shoot (as you could probably tell from watching our behind the scenes video on KRZ TV)! The good folks at Coal Creative hooked us up with their amazing photographer Chuck, and within an hour’s time we were having a blast - vamping, Vogue-ing, and laughing so hard we almost peed ourselves. Luckily we were able to hold our camera smiles long enough for Chuck to get a handful of decent poses – yay! And even more luckily we were able to hold our pee long enough to get safely off premises to a designated facilitation area– double yay! Haaaaaaa….

Anyhoo – in addition to photography, Coal Creative specializes in website design, logos, imaging, etc - check them out! They'll work with businesses OR individuals.

Here’s a small taste of what we got from our photo shoot – more to come soon! Thanks so much guys!!! Chuck, Gerard, you both ROCK ;)

And they’re based right out of Wilkes Barre & Pittston! 

570 885 3079 ask for Gerard - he'll help you out.




01/20/2011 10:27AM
Jan.20, 2011 ~ DIRTY PICTURES OF US!! Seriously. I dropped these on the floor before I posted them..
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01/28/2011 3:04PM
I gotta say. Love the pics of you Lissa. You got a smile to die for!! And also a look like your plotting the destruction of the world, which I must say, it awesome!! Great pics.
01/29/2011 5:50PM
Thanks Chad! You're the coolest! I will certainly consider sparing your life when I'm forced to destroy the rest of these insubordinate earthlings! I mean, destruction of the world being plotted......carry on.....nothing to see here... ;D ~Lissa
01/31/2011 8:36AM
only consider?!?!?! ;P
10/16/2011 5:10PM
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