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This Video is TRULY AMAZING!!!

Fast cars, dinosaurs, Kung Fu...this new David Hasselhoff vid has EVERYTHING!!!

Thank me later...


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Spring = Bike Time

The snow is gone and the weather is SLOWLY starting to warm up. It's time to get your bike tuned up and get registered for some fun Spring rides!

Here's a few rides on my radar for this month.


Shawnee Craft Brewery
Shawnee-on-Delaware, PA
Saturday Apr25 10a

This is a 16 mile trail ride (mountain bikes only). After the ride you are shuttled back to the brewery for food & brews. Mountain biking along the Delaware + Shawnee Craft beer. Sounds like a home run!

More info at


Sunday Apr26 10a
Benefits the Erin Jessica Moreken Drug & Alcohol Treatment Fund
Your choice of 6 routes (4-65 mi) all starting at Scranton High School

This is a well-organized ride for bikers of all ages. I've done that one that last few years. It's a great warmup to the Spring biking season.

More info here:

I hope to see you on the trail or road some time soon!

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Best of Late Night Pranks!

Rihanna surprises Jimmy bed!

Did you catch this prank pulled by Katie Couric on James Corden's show last night? Classic!!!

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News Flub: Weather Guy Leaves Hanger in Suit

How on earth does this happen?  And I wonder if any of our local TV friends have had any similar fashion screw ups on air.

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Sending Warm Thoughts from FLA!

Greetings from sunny Florida, where not wearing pants in March is a thing!

Sue & I with our friend Gwyn.  And yeah, we forgot to pack the sunscreen.

We found a killer Tex-Mex restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale.  These are the Chicken Sopes from Casa Frida Mexican Grille.  Amazing.  And this place is home to probably the BEST GUACAMOLE ever!!!

OK...I couldn't resist.  And I can only imagine what kind of bargains they offer in the backroom!

Kayaking on the Crystal River home to the largest population of Manatees.  It's literally a Manatee hang out as upwards of 800 could be in the river at one time during the Winter months.

The totally cool Dali Museum in St. Petersburg...a must!

Alligator Alley.  Heading West to East across Southern Florida.

I caught this beautiful sunset in our side mirror.

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Real People. Real Heroes.

Lissa & I can't THANK YOU enough for rolling up your sleeve and donating blood.  Friday's PINT PARTY at Ken Pollock Volvo with the NEPA Red Cross helped save 100+ lives here in NEPA.

Consider this...

*Every 2 seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood.
*More than 41,000 blood donations are needed every day.
*A single car accident victim can require as many as 100 pints of blood.
*Every pint of blood donated saves 3 LIVES!

If you'd like to be a REAL HERO and donate, schedule an appointment today by calling 1-800-RED CROSS or go to   

Thanks to Nurse Nickie I didn't feel a thing!

And the same goes for these heroes...Lissa, Fast Freddie & Intern Travis.

Colin & Heidi from the Red Cross say THANKS for the pint!!!  And keep listening to KRZ for details on our next Pint Party.

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A Resolution-Nerd and Proud of it!

I did it!  It's a new month and I'm still GOING TO THE GYM.

I remember Lissa calling me a "Resolution Nerd" when I revealed on air that I was starting again at the gym in January.  I normally don't make resolutions.  But this time, a new year seemed like a good time to get back at it after a few months off.'s now March 3rd, and this nerd is still hitting the treadmill.

And I'm not looking for a pat on the back.  But if this nerd can do it, you can too! 

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Loud & Stinky

Meet my new bud, David from Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  David is on the waiting list to be matched with a mentor.

We gave him a fun night out Friday at Monster Jam, the monster truck show at the Arena.  And yes, it WAS loud and stinky, but David loved it.

Hanging with the driver of the Backwards Bob monster truck.

David wanted to know how the driver gets behind the wheel of his truck.

Doing the claw in front of monster truck Crush-station.

Grave Digger getting some air!

Grave Digger took a digger!

You too can really have an impact on a cool kid just like David.  And there are so many kids just like him waiting for a Big Brother or Big Sister.  Why not volunteer today?

CLICK HERE for info on Big Brothers Big Sisters of NEPA.

"Little moments.  Big magic."

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My Case Against Becoming FACEBOOK OFFICIAL

If your guy won't make it "Facebook Official", will that sound an alarm and send you running in the opposite direction?

That was this week's topic on Girl Talk with Melissa from The Weekender.

"He must be hiding something!"

"He doesn't want to commit!"

"He wan't to keep the door open for someone else."

That's what I heard from the other side of the studio.  Was I going to be the lone voice again on this issue?

What happened to trust in a relationship?  Aren't words enough?  Why is a simple status on social media in front of hundreds of followers you probably couldn't pick out of a police line up more important than anything said face-to-face?

And to my surprise...a few of you agreed with me!!!

Wish we had more time for this issue.

Here's a few of your texts--

*I don't like changing statuses until I've told all the important people in my life. Family gets a little crazy when they find things out over facebook. And then you get a million comments. Maybe he's not ready for EVERYONE he knows to know.

*Changing your relationship status on facebook is the kiss of death for relationships

*If it was important to him then yeah, Bc I Iove him. But one of the reasons I love him, Is bc insignificant things like Fb do not matter to him.

*It's for teens to post statuses about relationships.  It's what they do. If you are over 20 something, I would think it's weird.  But they are the ones who grew up w/'s all about validation. I call ppl on fb validation whores.....they can't live without other ppl opinions.

*I say BS. The guys who won't post their relationship status are trying to keep their options open

*The people who are important, know you`re in a relationship. It shouldnt matter if your 500 "friends" that you dont even know or talk to do.

*I'm a 17 year old high school student who used to use Facebook religiously, so take it from me when I say putting your relationship status on facebook is nothing but trouble. Someone always has something to say.

*No offense Rocky most guys ARE asses & they probably don't want to change it so they can cheat!

*(Im a girl!-32) I agree with Rocky!!! I've been in a relationship for ten yrs and I have no idea if my gf ever changed her status... and I dont care!

*I am a female in my 20s and have been dating my boyfriend for a year. We are not "Facebook official" and we are both completely okay with that. I don't think I need to validate my relationship with all those people on Fb.

*If you trust your significant other then no it's not important. The people who think it's important are the ones who don't trust them & think they are hiding something if they don't announce it to the world on fb.

*I can see where you guys are coming from But facebook isn't everything in a relationship, if a guy or girl doesn't have fave fb it doesn't mean they are cheating or hiding something it just means they probably don't want it and don't want to be in all the drama... Especially guys bc a lot of guys just don't want to deal with fb stuff

*Rocky I agree with you, fb official should mean nothing. However it is no use for to try and be the islands of sanity in the ocean of social media.

*I dont see the issue, i had several relationships at the same time and they all thought they were the one "one" i was referring too!!! :)


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White Men REALLY Can't Jump!

These are my new best buds...the Washington Generals.  I had so much fun suiting up with them in the big game last night against the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters.

I have so many cool memories of watching the Globies on TV when I was a kid AND NOW I was on the same court as this legendary team.

Unreal.  After missing 3 shots from the floor, the Globies made me switch jerseys and then provided some divine intervention.  This one went in!

Watching the Globies never gets old!

My last minute instructions to our $25,000 half-court shot contestant, Rich from Plains.  He missed. :(

Very cool meeting Globetrotter Sweet J at half-time.  She was a superstar in college at Texas Tech.

Best seat in the house!!!

Thanks again to the Harlem Globetrotters & Washington Generals for making me part of the show.

CLICK HERE for the official Globetrotters site.

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