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It's the WORLD WIDE web!!!

By now you’ve probably heard about the 18 year old Scranton Prep student and the alleged threat he made Monday on Twitter.

Torre Scrimalli of Scranton tweeted: "If there is a Facebook or twitter fight tonight over the HC MV game I will just blow up the schools and students involved. #goonsquad."

Thanks to this senseless message, 2 schools were evacuated and the basketball game rescheduled.

Let’s face it.  Any perceived threat, real or otherwise, must be taken seriously.

Personally, I think jail time is a bit extreme.  But Scrimalli should be forced to repay any costs involved in making sure the schools were safe.

And if you haven’t done so already, sit down with your kids and refresh their memory about the internet.  It’s also known as the WORLD WIDE web.  We all have it.  AND we all can see what is posted.  Think before you post!

Your thoughts are always welcome.


Here’s listener reaction from today’s show--

This kid caused a basketball game to be evacuated and caused two schools to be searched at the taxpayer’s expense. Just because he said he's sorry, people thinks it is okay.

Bad parenting has its consequences.  His parents should have taught him better about those things.

Maybe wear a sign for a month explaining what he did.

You're doing a great job. No one is perfect. When it happens to them or their child, they'll feel differently. And happen it will.

There are legal, social and moral consequences to our actions. He apologized primarily because he was caught. As a police officer and former SRO, I realize that students are prone to rash decisions, however, it has been my experience that school policy and penal law are clear on communicating any type of threat.

It's a lesson for everyone--mostly in empathy. Torry made a mistake. We all do.

Is he 18? Community service for the whole summer to help the people who have to deal with these situations and at the homeless shelter so he learns and appreciates what he has.

Learning experience with a judge approved written report on what he learned.

He’s not a kid any more.  It’s time our young people take responsibility for their acts.  They sometimes think they can get away from everything.

Computer and phone would be thrown in the safe indefinitely, a written apology would be made and read in the presence of a teacher or school official.

In this day & age I’m sure he was well aware how wrong it is.  I don’t buy that it was a mistake.

Make him go to schools in this area and speak to other kids about how something so stupid could cost you so much.

He is only 18 and has his whole life ahead of him.  He had no intention of carrying out what he posted.  I believe public humiliation is enough for him and his family.

Kids have to be taught that words can’t be taken back, especially on the internet.  I think jail is a little extreme but he should definitely have to pay for the resources used (police, drug sniffing dogs) and perform community service.

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02/06/2013 12:21PM
It's the WORLD WIDE web!!!
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02/06/2013 7:52PM
He made a mistake - a big, stupid mistake. People are so quick to assume he has bad parents. That is not the case - they are wonderful people. I am sure he would give anything to change that moment .
02/07/2013 9:23AM
An 18 yr old needs to take responsibility for his own actions. Wow! I sound like MY parents here. And could have the BEST parents in the world and still do something stupid like this. Keep them out of it. ~Rock
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