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Invisalign COMPLETE!

This morning was HUGE! I had an appointment with Dr. Lawrence and he removed the Invisalign "buttons" that were on my top row! I'm pretty much DONE with my treatment and have a straighter smile just in time for our wedding day!!! (Which is only 11 days away by the way!)

This was the most important pre-wedding treatment I did and I couldn't be happier with the results. It was painless and so easy. Dr. Lawrence was great and his whole staff was so friendly! I still can't believe how much my teeth changed over the past 7 months, just by wearing these invisalign trays! If it's something you've been thinking about, go for a consultation! (570-288-5588) It's so worth it and flies by!

Eeeeee! I'm going to smile extra big on my wedding day knowing my teeth are back where they belong, perfectly straight! :)

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10/01/2013 2:21PM
Invisalign COMPLETE!
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11/19/2013 7:50PM
Invisalign Treatment
Hi Amanda. My name Isaac. I am very surprise at how straight, white and healthy your teeth look. I am not sure if it is me or the lipstick you are wearing but your gums look very healthy as well. The first time you spoke about ivisalign on the radio and that you were going to get the treatment I decided to wait for your results to see if I should get ivisalign too. After seeing your results I am more convinced that it truly works and I am tempted to treat myself to a more better looking smile. But there is one thing that's holding me back from doing so. I have small gaps between my upper teeth (which are the ones I've noticed are slowly moving) and I like my gaps therefore I don't want lose them. So is there a way to get invisalign and still keep my gaps? Or will they all close with the treatment? I'm not sure if you know the answer to the questions but I just thought I asked. I know I could've just called the doctor and find out from him but I would also like to hear your opinion about it and about ivisalign since you've already gone through it. Congratulations! Hope everything works out well for the both of you on your wedding day. My greetings to Jeff!
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