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I did it. After thinking about it for a couple years, I got INVISALIGN! Before I go into detail I just want to say, if you're thinking about getting it done and have any questions . . . feel totally free to email me : Before I got it done I read tons of blogs written by people who had it and it felt like they only wrote about the things they didn't like about it. I'm a little less than a week in (which is probably the weirdest part because there's some lifestyle adjustment) and I can't say enough good things about it!

Like many people i've talked to recently, even though I had braces for over 5 years as a kid, but teeth have shifted from their once perfectly placed locations. How annoying, right? I've gradually noticed my teeth continue to shift more and more and finally decided to do something about it. Something I've learned through this process is that unless you do something to keep your teeth where they are, your teeth will continue to move ... forever.
I did some research and finally decided that I needed to stop waiting and finally get more information on Invisalign. Considering John and I are getting married in October, I also wanted to move my teeth back to where they belong before the wedding. Most of my friends and coworkers think my teeth are fine the way they are now, but I know what they looked like when I got my braces taken off and they have moved so much that it makes me self conscious. So ...  a little over a month and a half ago ... I  went for a consultation with Dr. Stephen Lawrence in Forty Fort. For starters, he's not the scary dentist many of us grew to fear as kids. He's nice, funny, and his staff is lovely. He told me I was a candidate for Invisalign and my treatment would last 36 weeks.

Here's how it works. They put these tooth colored attachments on some of your teeth (the ones that need the most work usually) and then you wear a different set of CLEAR trays 22 hours a day. You switch new trays every 2 weeks. The trays are what helps your teeth move ... they are aligned to gradually move your teeth and your bite with each new set. When I say the attachments are tooth colored, I would have NEVER imagined them to be as UNNOTICABLE as they are. You literally can't see them. So when you take your trays out to eat, you literally can't see the attachments on your teeth. (Which is perfect for speaking engagements and social settings, no one EVER notices!) It's really incredible!

So far, I love it . . . and the only change i've had to adjust to is removing the trays before eating and brushing my teeth at work before I put them back in. It's a change i'm probably going to continue even when i'm done with this process because I love how fresh my mouth is during the day ... and it makes you SNACK less! Win win! I did have a hard time with the letter "s" for the first day, but it just took some adjusting. My speech was totally normal after the first day!

I guess you could call this picture my before. Tons of crowding ... my bottom row is all uneven ... and yes, I have the trays in. You really can't see them. The craziest thing that no one ever seems to believe, I have 2 attachments on my front left tooth - you can't even see them! Cool, huh? I'll post again in a few trays when you start to see stuff moving ... I am so excited about this whole process and love talking about it. If you're thinking about getting INVISALIGN, whether you had braces and your teeth have shifted or you've been thinking about correcting your teeth, email me whenever! I love talking about it! Plus, don't hesitate to call Dr. Lawrence's office. Everyone at his office is super friendly (Hi Jo Ann!!!) and they explain everything to you with great detail. I have a slight fear of dentists (scarred as a kid) and they put me completely at ease!

Dr. Stephen Lawrence
1500 Wyoming Ave.
Forty Fort, PA

01/14/2013 1:14PM
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04/09/2013 5:34PM
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Invisalign is a series of removable, invisible aligners that can help you achieve a confident smile without traditional brackets and wires. Invisalign create a series of custom fit clear plastic aligners that will gently shift your teeth into position.
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