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Invisalign: Tray 2!

I popped into Dr. Lawrence's office on Thursday and got my next set of Invisalign trays! I'm wearing them in the photo below! Can I just say . . . I'm SO happy I decided to go with Dr. L and Invisalign. So far, everything is going really well and moving along. I had all kinds of fears going into this after reading some blogs written by some dramatic people and honestly, my experience has been awesome. I wear the trays between 20-22 hours a day and I don't know if it's all in my head or not, but even after just 3 weeks, I feel like I can already start to see changes. This time around, Dr. L gave me 3 sets of trays to take home . . . so that I don't need to come in every 2 weeks to pick up new ones. I have all of trays I need to advance every other Thursday until March, when I'll go back in for a visit!

If you're curious about anything that I haven't blogged about yet, dropped me an email or a comment! I've received a few emails asking questions about whether or not it hurts, feels funny, or makes me talk funny. No, no, and not really! I talk funny for a few  hours after I get a new set of trays, just because they are new and fit differently ... but then it goes away! Any pressure is a great reminder that your teeth are moving! Ahh I love it!

Still curious? Call Dr. Lawrence at 288-5588 and have an Invisalign consultation!!

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01/31/2013 3:00PM
Invisalign: Tray 2!
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