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Amanda's Blog 

Instant Gratification . . . in the form of a tan!

Just wanted to share a little gem with you! Sometimes I can't muster up the energy or time to get into tanning mode and go and do a bed a few times a week. I'm totally the kind of person that likes results, fast. I was feeling BLAH and PALE this morning and went to Atomic Tan to get a mystic tan. It's the perfect solution for the pastey white like me who are dying for a tan, but don't feel like going tanning all the time and just need/want a quick fix.

. . . umm and by the way . . . MYSTIC MONDAYS are only $10!  Visit Atomic Tan on RT 315 in Plains if you're looking for a quick tan. It's pretty awesome and takes literally 5 minutes. (just don't wear white . . . probably not a great idea)


10/16/2009 8:57AM
Instant Gratification . . . in the form of a tan!
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10/20/2009 4:58AM
Amanda you were talking about a leash for Pacie's, they do have little things that clip to the pacie and to their clothes next time your out shopping maybe you should pick one up then you won't have to do the mad dash before it hits the floor because there is allot of germs lurking around no matter how clean someone is.. Hope this helps!!! P.S. She is a Beautiful Baby!!! Teresa
08/18/2011 8:01PM
oatmeal choc chip cookies
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