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Freaky Germ Warfare

Kelly Ripa revealed this week that she brings her own bicycle seat to the gym for spinning class.  Wiping down the seat isn't enough for her.  She's obviously a freak about germs.

We all have our freaky ways of keeping the germs away.  I avoid buffets like the plague.  Lissa performs some sort of advanced ballet maneuver in public restrooms to keep from touching the door knob with her hands.

What extreme thing do you to keep the germs away?

Here's what a few of you had to say...

I flush the toilet with my foot.

I work with customers and I refuse to let them use my own personal pen nor will I use a public pen at a bank or anywhere else.

I push elevator buttons with a car key.

Will not eat out of any community bowls (chips, nuts, etc.) whether it’s at a bar, work, parties. Not everyone washes their hands, not worth taking a risk.

I hate touching a gas pump with bare hands.

I put the remote control in hotels in a baggy. I also wear shower shoes at hotels.

Do you eat birthday cake?? Think about it that person has just blown there germs all over that birthday cake.

People make fun of me because I only use spray deodorant...solids hold your germs & bacteria that you put back on yourself daily.

I use a FUD lol.  It’s a women's device to pee kinda like a fake penis called a “she wee”. I think every woman should own one.

I am so with Rocky on the buffet thing. We left a Chinese restaurant once after seeing some guy with rock star long hair being careless at the buffet....ick!  I don't even like to touch doorknobs and will use my elbows to push a door open if I can or use my sleeve.

My boyfriend won't touch door handles so I always have to open the door.

I think I passed my Germ phobia onto my son. I must change clothes three or four times a day especially if I am outside. My son won't even share his fork or cop with his dad or I.

I put the hand sanitizer on my husband after he touches anything outside the house.

What about cash? Think about all the people who handle money on a daily basis. People keep it in their socks, pockets, little internal pockets in swim trunks, in bras, etc. And most money is contaminated with illegal drugs. How do you deal with those germs?

Whether it’s a loaf of bread, bottle of Peanut Butter or a box of crackers, you have to realize the warehouses are full of mice and feces . How bout the stock person and the consumers who pick the product up and put it back if not interested. X contamination.

Rock I won't eat at buffets either. I used to work at a local restaurant. People would reuse their dirty plate and tap the spoon on their plate & then put the spoon back. And, at the end of the night, everything was saved and sometimes people would throw coins in the dressing. We'd find them at the end of the night. It was gross!!!!!

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09/19/2013 5:19PM
Freaky Germ Warfare
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