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If You're in High School Read This!

Big topic on today's show:  What advice do you wish someone gave you before you graduated High School.

Lissa said "don't have a good friend as a first roommate" & "never enroll in a college just to be near your boyfriend".  I added "take some time off before you jump into college".

Our listeners brought their A game this morning.  Here's a few of the jewel pieces of advice from the KRZ Text Club.  GREAT STUFF and a MUST READ for any High School student.


I graduated high school in June started college that July. Thought I knew what I wanted to do but life had other plans for me. IT IS OK TO CHANGE YOUR MAJOR!

I wish someone told me that high heels cause bunions and metabolism dies at 23.

Listen to your parents. They do know best. Most people figure that out when it's too late.

Discover what it is u luv then persue it if u r doing what u luv u will never work a day in ur life.

Check the job availability before college to know your chances of getting a job.

Don't take a year off, but don't declare a major right away. Spend the first 2 years taking the general required classes while deciding your major.

Go away to school no matter what! When else can u live in Florida for 4 years? And study abroad in college:)

Volunteer before college.  Traveling for a good cause = lifetime skills within different cultures that college will never give you.

Go away for school. Commuters really miss out on the college experience.

Don't take 18.5 credits your first semester as a chemistry major!!!!!!

Follow your dream and go after it. Even if your parents don't approve or support it. If I did that earlier maybe I wouldn't be trapped in healthcare Hell.

Don’t base your lfie around some High School crush.  There are other fish in the sea.

This is real life now.  Your actions have consequences.

Always keep Tylenol on the nightstand for the morning after.

Join the service for 2 years.  You'll have more money for school.

 Don’t feel bad if you don’t know what you want to do with your life.  You’re only 17/18 years old!

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04/04/2013 9:49AM
If you're in High School Read This!
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