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I'm a Pig Hater

We're sitting here in the office planning for tomorrow's show & Sue just called me a pig hater! I'm not offended by that at fact, I wear that badge proudly!

It all started this morning when Sue said she wanted to adopt a potbellied pig after reading the story of the 28 @ a local animal shelter.

First off...Sue is never home. I'd be left caring for the oinker. Secondly, we don't own a farm & don't plan on getting one anytime soon. A pig in the house makes no sense to me. In a related note, bacon isn't on my heart healthy diet!

I feel bad for the little piglets. They were abused by their owner. But I'm not ready to let one run loose in the house!

How about you?
Call Kathleen, the shelter's adoption coordinator @ 585.0511

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02/18/2010 9:05AM
I'm a Pig Hater
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02/18/2010 9:44AM
Potbellied pigs do not fall into the true pig catagory. They stay small, they DO NOT smell, and they love to be bathed. I owned a Potbellied pig and they are wonderful pets. However, that being said it would not work for Sue. They thrive on a attention. If they are left home alone they will rut their nose into couch cushions or anything that they can push it into. Without attention they can become destructive. They eat special food but also will eat all kinds of veggies. To give them a bath all you do is float pieces of apples and carrots in the water and they will eat while you are bathing them. They have very dry and wiry skin. There use to be a vet in Plains that carried for them also. You can walk them just like a dog.
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