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I'm A Little Sketchy...

How DARE Rocky make fun of my doodle?! I will crush him!! I merely cobbled together an adorable little sketch of the three of us (Me, Sue, and Rock) while we were on the air this morning and threw it in front of him. With a ginormous grin I exclaimed “Haaa! That’s YOU Bro! Lookit – yer doin’ jazz hands!!” He sighed. Then shook his head. Then incredulously pointed out that the sketch looks “nothing like him…”  Well excuuuuuse me Picasso.

My girl Sue was much more encouraging, laughing exuberantly and clapping her hands together. She even struck a pose ‘ala “cartoon Sue” and gave me a hearty thumbs-up (just like in the picture)!  Wow! What a good friend. But alas, Captain Negativity (formerly known as “Booby Man” or “Professor Perv Mobile”) had even MORE criticisms for my lighthearted doodle.  Like the hoover vacuum of party poopery, he ranted (in no particular order, but in HIS words):

 -          Rocky has NEVER in the past (nor will he ever in the future) do jazz hands!

-          Lissa appears to be miniature-size, like a tiny Shetland pony compared to Rocky & Sue – where’s the artist perspective?! Helloooo?..... and what the hell is UP with Liss doing the splits? Is she even capable of this?

-          Why does Lissa appear to be wearing some kind of freaky-deaky onesie instead of a shirt & pants?

-          Why does Sue’s pose seem to indicate that she’s headed straight to a “hoe-down” or “hootinanny”?

Upon completion of his tirade, I burst into tears and crumbled to the floor like Rush Limbaugh attempting to do one push-up. My cries of agony were abated only when Sue gave me a lollipop and patted my head. (This is normally how we end each and every workday). Please feel free to weigh in with some much-needed words of encouragement for my doodle.  Because it IS just that – a doodle. I’m saving my TRUE artistic talent for “Pictionary day”….haaaa suckas!

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07/19/2010 6:03AM
I'm A Little Sketchy...
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07/19/2010 7:47PM
Marina Fomitcheva
I love your doodling Lissa, It's vary cute,
07/20/2010 12:14PM
Marina Fomitcheva
Can you doodle me next, I love your art a lot of Rocky, Sue, Lissa,
07/20/2010 2:02PM
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08/04/2010 4:55PM
Aww Lissa, Super cute doodle!!! Tell Rocky that he should hush up because Im pretty sure he can't top that!
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