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How young is TOO YOUNG to be Sexy?

Sue & Lissa are really bothered by this video from the TLC show "Toddlers & Tiaras". During the Jan 5th episode 2 yr old Mia Grande paraded around the stage wearing a cone bra ala Madonna. Is it too much? And what's worse? The stage Mom turning her child into a future sexpot or the adults screaming in excitement as the toddler strips down to reveal her skimpy gold outfit?

Some say videos like this are a magnet for pedophiles and other sleaze balls. But before you criticize the TLC show or this video, think about the photos of your kids that you just uploaded to Facebook. Is that any better?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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01/11/2011 1:03AM
How young is TOO YOUNG to be Sexy?
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01/11/2011 5:12AM
Rocky and Sue, I am disappointed that you posted the video of "Toddlers and Tiaras". Sue expressed her disapproval over giving the Arizona shooter airtime. This follows the same principle. Why would you give media airtime to something so distasteful? I did not look at the video. I did not need to or want to. I got a very good idea from your discription over the radil. I think you could use your website to post something postive instead of "promoting" this video. I understand this was not your intent. However, by posting this on your website you are part of the problem not the solution. The message you have sent is, "hey everyone, look at this disgusting video we posted". Really? You guys are better than that. Ann
01/12/2011 5:16AM
Wow when I watched this I was speechless yes that girl us way to young to be sexy. And also I would love to meet you guys I am only 13 but that is my life long dream and I would lOve to hear my name on the radio and when u get older I would love to be like you guys! Thanks do much.
01/12/2011 6:20AM
Come on in! We think you're sweet! Gimme a call at (570) 883-9850 Ext 154 - we'll set something up, maybe get you in the studio during the show ~Lissa :)
01/12/2011 7:44AM
Hey Ann! You bring up a good point but we thought our listeners needed to "see" what we were talking about. Why not let them judge for themselves? That's our take. I still think the crowd's reaction is just as disturbing (if not more) than the Mom's behavior. ~Rock
01/12/2011 7:40PM
Hey, I totally agree to the fact that she is way too young. I'm only 13, and I realize how absurd it is. This girl is going to grow up to fast in that environment. I go to school, and see these girls in ridiculous make up, with way too tight shirts, and I ask myself who they're showing off for. They have no one to impress! I really love your shows, and totally (well mostly) agree with what you have to say! Thanks, Wren
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