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How do you get a cougar away from your family?

Hey Fish need your help. Last weekend my 22 yr old son was home from school as he was preparing to head back Sunday night my wife asked him if he needed anything for his apartment. He replied with no I’m taken care of. Well my wife being my wife, kept asking him are you sure you don’t need anything? He then dropped this bomb on us. Turns out he moved out of his apartment and in with his friend’s mother. Now normally this wouldn’t be a big deal but he’s not dating his friend he’s dating her 40 yr old twice divorced mother!! How do I get my son away from this potentially damaging situation? Not only is this a major distraction from his school work but I don’t see how this relationship can work. What do I do?  



Jersey Shore

02/23/2010 4:16PM
How do you get a cougar away from your family?
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02/23/2010 5:39PM
Let him stay with her. If he really loves her it will work out the minor age difference.
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