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Holiday Breakup


It’s not VERY OFTEN that Lissa and I agree on something, but this morning was a no brainer.  She has a friend that just last week broke up with her boyfriend after 2 years.  And the ex’s family still wants the girlfriend to show up for dinner and gifts on Christmas.

If you were the girlfriend that broke things off, what would you do?  Would you go?

My take?  It sounds like a ploy by the family to get the 2 back together.  I see Mom filling fantasy daughter-in-law up with ham and wine and then sneaking off into a corner somewhere and laying the hammer down.  That’s what my Mom would’ve done!

Here’s what YOU had to say this morning--

Bad idea. I was with someone for 5 years. He broke up with me last yr two days before thanksgiving.

The breakup was not mutual and I would never want him go come over and pretend.

Don't think it's a good idea to see your exes family on the holidays, that's weird.

Make arrangements for a private visit a few days after Christmas.

There is just a bigger pic that needs to be explored. Most would lean towards steer clear .. If anything not to confuse him or give false hope.

Absolutely not! One of my friends still remains close with her ex's family even though he has moved on. Holidays, birthdays, and all. All of my friends cringe when we see her hanging out with his family and still starting problems with his current girlfriend. It's been about 5 years since they broke up.

Seriously? I can't even understand why she is considering this. If she goes, she is being selfish. She gave up him but wants his family? Regardless of how close they were, she chose the end it and it means end it all. It is not fair to him for her to put him in this position. She will ruin his holidays. Worse yet, he will have the hopes that since she is back with the family she may want him back, it may give him false hope.

What of he was going to propose and that's why they want her there, change her mind...awkward

I remained friends with the sister and the family of an ex but I've never gone to holiday dinners after the breakup. I'd suggest getting together with the family afterward the holidays when you know ex isn't going to be around.

My parents invited my ex last Christmas behind my back and it just made things awkward and uncomfortable because my aunts grandparents and all thought we were still together

What's the dilemma? Why would she even consider going if she broke up with him?

I would totally go...maybe they will make up under the mistletoe.

I definitely would not go. An ex asking to be friends after breaking up is like a kidnapper asking you to keep in touch after he lets you go. It's better just to go separate ways.

She shouldn't go. She broke up with him for a reason and why go to a place to make things uneasy.

Regardless if the family likes her or not, she made a decision and she has to deal with it.

Only go if she can bring her new man!

She shouldn't go for dinner but she should visit them at another time When he isn’t around.

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12/11/2012 8:34PM
Holiday Breakup
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