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Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my new blog! I'll be posting here regularly, so check back soon. In the meantime, check out this video of Rock and Snuggy burning up their Lebron James shirts below. Rocky's a lifelong Cleveland fan, so he thinks it was time to light it up!

07/09/2010 6:56AM
Hey Everyone!
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07/14/2010 2:15PM
Joseph Morin
Hey Lissa, WELCOME TO NEPA!!!! I just want to say that your Gorgeous looking and would love to meet you in person someday, and give you a nice big hug and kiss you ALL over for being sooo GORGEOUS looking that you are!!! WOW!!!... Hope you stay with the BEST radio station here, and hope we meet soon.... LOVE YOU LISSA AND YOUR HAIR, TOO.... XOXO ;) PS.... Email me anytime at this address: and will tell you everything about me!!!
07/16/2010 2:54AM
chris harris
hi Lissa love to get to know u maybe even meet for dinner or something would love to spoil u email me sometime hope we can talk soon
07/19/2010 3:26AM
Stephano Stuhning
WOW - forget these two guys above me. I am the one you should be dating. I know about monkeys, and chewing gum, and I am a certified goose feather inspector. Once I made a scale model of a chinese wonton factory. Granted it was only 1/7th scale, butstill! I also got a 6 letter word in scrabble once. Never a 7 though. I am not sure there are even a lot of words that use seven letters. Anyway - peace out!
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