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Will Ferrell was on Letterman Monday night.  He told a story about his 2 year old son.  He LOVES to say to Will's friends "You have a small penis!" 

How can you not LOVE kids?  It's like radio without the FCC!  They have absolutely no content filter.

And obviously, Will is not alone.

Here's what you had to say when we asked for EMBARRASSING THINGS YOUR KIDS SAID IN FRONT OF PEOPLE.

Thanks for all the calls & texts!!!

And as always, THANKS for starting your day with KRZ.


My son is 2. Favorite show is Thomas and friends. Favorite train is Pursey. He doesn’t pronounce the “R”.  He says “pussy.”  He goes around the house “Where is my pussy?  I can’t find my pussy!”

I have been on jury duty all week so at dinner last night my daughter told everyone how I’m always at the courthouse because that’s where all the bad people go. She is five.

My then six year old son and I were in the pet store looking at a puppy. The puppy was nibbling at him as all puppies do and went below the waist and "got" him through his shorts. He laughingly yelled at the top of his lungs, "My wiener, my wiener! The doggy's biting my wiener!"

When my son was 3 or 4 he loved to put batteries in flash lights. One day he was up stairs playing and just as my Mom walks into my house, he comes down the stairs and says “Look mommy I found it in your room and it works now but it won’t stop shaking.”  He’s holding an adult toy.

My son, who is 2 1/2, is being potty trained, grabs himself, and says  "I'm doing it with my balls".

When we took my 4 yr old son (now 18) to see Santa, when he was finished telling Santa what he wanted, he asked him for things for us as well. He wanted a new coffee cup for Mom (because he dropped and brroke my favorite) , he wanted Shania Twain in her birthday suit for his Dad, and for his 2 yr old sister - a new address!

When my son was little he would tell the Dr I didn't feed him and made him sleep on the porch and the other son would hold up a sign in the car window that would say “Help me.”

My son was at Hershey Park on the pirate ship and screamed that this ride was tickling his penis .

At the local zoo seeing the porcupines, my son says out loud:  “Don’t worry Mommy these pricks won’t hurt me!”

I picked my two yr daughter up at Daycare, and in front of the owner she pinched my boob and said “You like it?” Her sweet voice didn’t mask my red face lol.

My 2 year old son was asking the nurse at the hospital if she had a "pee-bug".

My three-year-old is obsessed with saying the word penis in front of anybody. He knows it makes me so mad and embarrassed.  He always does it when my 12-year-old daughter has her friends over and all her friends start laughing and scream and when he's running around saying it.

We were at the mall and my 6 yr old read a shirt that said “Hello titties” instead of “Hello Kitty” so he walked around all day saying it to people.

My friend’s 2 year old little girl says” Bye bitches” all the time.

I’m a single Mom and when I took my son to a ballgame i introduced him to a guy friend and my son says “Does that mean your’e not sleeping at our house tonight?’  He was 5.

Whenever we are in the minivan my son rolls down the window and says “if the van is rocking don’t come knocking.”

My daughter slaps my belly and says "Look at Mom’s bowl of jello.  It's giggley"

We were having lunch in Wendy's one day and a guy walked in that didn't have any arms and my three-year-old asked very loud where are his arms and how is he going to eat with no arms?

He would put his fist up to people at the store and say “You want five where you sneeze?” and  “What you looking at!” He's only 4.

Sitting on the couch with a guy I just started 5 yr old daughter walks up..."My Mom thinks she can dance but she can't and.....she farts". Ya that guy didn't last long.

My son is 4 and LOVES to tell everyone he has 2 testicles lol omg

My Mom was babysitting this one girl & they were eating lunch at a Chinese buffet and she looked at my Mom and said:  “Have you ever had crabs before?”

My 7 year old daughter says "Ken-*ucky" Fried Chicken, meaning, KFC.

My 3 yr old says to people nice bum where u from.


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07/25/2012 7:03PM
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07/25/2012 9:47PM
Funny things kids say.
When my daughter was 2 she always used to ask where's my peter and my knockers. She meant her computer and her binoculars.
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