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Halloween Drama Update!!!!

Last night on the night show Paul from Kingston emailed the show with a Halloween Horror story.  Turns out his girlfriend wanted the both of them to go dressed up as a Peter Pan and Tinker Bell to Paul's friends Halloween party on Sat. Paul of course was not about this idea at all! Besides the fact what guy really wants to wear tights? At that point he wondered what he should do. After many of you called and emailed. The decision was made for Paul to address the situation and explain why it wasn't such a good idea to do that. Well here's an update turns out Paul was able to successfully convince his girlfriend Lisa not to go as Peter Pan and Tinker Bell! Score one for the guys. However since she was willing to sacrifice her costume Paul was forced to compromise and agreed to go to the party dressed as a different theme. The question is what theme should they go as? Remember it’s his friends party so he doesn’t want it to be to embarrassing. We will talk to Paul live on the air tonight just around 7:30pm. In the meantime feel free to leave some comments on what their costumes should be.

10/27/2009 1:06PM
Halloween Drama Update!!!!
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08/06/2010 6:29PM
This is the best post on this topic i have ever read. I got the same sense from my son when we watched “Spider-Man 3” together, and Peter Parker gets the black suit and becomes the sinister Spider-Man.... Nice post . keep up the good work My son was noticeably distressed throughout the entire duration of that sequence, and I was actually sort of happy to see that....
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