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Meet Everly Jane! She was born January 14 at 6:36pm and my husband and I could not be happier! (Ok, a little more sleep would definitely make us happier, but we know someday we'll sleep again!) The past few weeks have been amazing ... and exhausting! Our hearts exploded when we held her for the first time and every moment since has been spent holding her, staring at her, kissing her, loving on her, and doing everything in our power to keep her happy and healthy... and of course changing endless explosive diapers and feedings around the clock! I'm holding her as I type this and she stares up at me because I'm way too aware that she will only be this small right now. So I'm going to hold this baby every second I can!I have a whole new respect for parents! All I want to do is make her happy and make whatever is making her sad go away. Ahhh ... this is just the beginning. Her problems now are just gas and hunger ... I hope my heart can handle her real problems down the road.

Being a first time mom, there's a lot of trial and error. Being a first time mom planning to nurse takes it to a whole new level. Whoever said there's no use in crying over spilled milk CLEARLY never spilled breast milk. That was this morning's happenings. I think I need to start a t-shirt line with sayings like that. #MomProbs

What has really blown my mind is how fast Everly is changing. Every parent will tell you it flies by and to cherish every moment ... but I didn't realize just HOW fast she would change and grow. Even just by looking at the pictures below, her face has changed so much already. She loves to be sung to (I make up songs daily!), her neck is getting so strong, and she loves tummy time! Oh yeah, shes also finding her voice!

Thank you so much for all of your love and support throughout my pregnancy and in welcoming Baby Ev! I've been posting pictures on the KRZ Facebook, but here are a few more! I'll continue to check in with Jeff on air every week while I'm home with my little love.While I'm loving every second with my mini-me, I miss all of you and love chatting with you and keeping in touch on FB and Twiiter! XO -Amanda

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It's BABY WEEK! Today is my last day on air before we welcome our little nugget into the world! As I'm sure most first time moms feel, I'm anxiously excited. I'm trying to just go with the flow as much as possible stay relaxed in these last few days. Her nursery is ready, we have a short list of names we love, and now we just need to meet her! It's been really fun sharing my pregnancy with you on and off the air. I can't even begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed hearing about some of your pregnancies as well and even being stopped in Target with baby advice! I'm so looking forward to joining the Mom Club and I absolutely can't wait to finally meet our little girl. It's still surreal to SAY that. All of the kicks, jabs, flutters, and hiccups I've felt over the past 9 months all come to this ... a little lady to love on ... SO SOON! Thanks for the love and support! I'll be out on a leave with her for a short time and then back on the radio ... but I'll be sharing pictures and updates on the KRZ Facebook page ASAP! XOXO -Amanda 
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6 WEEKS (or less!) TO GO!

Whoa. Writing that just made it REAL. We have about 6 weeks (or less) until baby arrives ... which means it's time to buckle down and get some stuff done. Last weekend, John and I spent Thanksgiving with my family in RI and my mom hosted a baby shower for us! It was so thoughtful and well thought out ... she planned adorable games (a couple pass games, which I love) and had lots of cute activities for the guests. All of the women in my family were there and some lifelong friends. It was awesome and as usual for me, overwhelming. It's sometimes hard to accept so much attention and love! The bottom left picture is of my mom crying when I gave her a thank you gift. It was a frame that said "Ma'am and Me" - she wants to be called Ma'am by her granddaughter, which I think is adorable. Inside the frame was a formal invitation for her to be in the delivery room. I can't imagine going through childbirth without her support. She's been the one constant in my entire life. She cried instantly. It was pretty special. :)

This weekend - we have a really long to-do list that includes some baby shopping at Target, installing carseats, unpacking the stroller, washing baby clothes, writing baby shower thank you notes, and FINALLY seeing Hunger Games. I felt pretty ahead of the game and prepared for a while, but starting to feel behind. This weekend should be good for catching up. Most of the ladies on the Baby Center app who are due around the same time as I am already have their hospital bags packed ... so I might as well add that to my to-do list too! Eeeeeeeeeee it's almost GO TIME! 
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11.18 Baby Shower! Nursery! Oh My!

The days go by slow, but the weeks are flying by! We have about 8 weeks to go until we get to meet our sweet baby girl! 

This past weekend my friends hosted a baby shower in my honor at my friend Tanya's house. (My mom is hosting one in my hometown next weekend as well!) It was perfect. Casual, sweet, and unbelievably thoughtful. If you've ever looked on Pinterest while planning a party - just imagine the most fabulous ideas for a baby shower all executed flawlessly. It was so nice ... and I really am blessed to have such awesome friends in my life. Our baby girl is already so loved! Each guest brought a different onesie and I had to guess WHO BROUGHT EACH ONE! I wasn't mentally prepared for that game, but ended up doing ok guessing. It was hard! 

There was also a HEADBAND making station (pictured above in lower right corner) which was adorable! Everyone made the baby a headband! She's going to be one accessorized little lady! 

It was such a beautiful afternoon to celebrate our little girl! I was overwhelmed with emotion before, during, and after the baby shower ... just so much love and thoughtfulness all around us in anticipation of our baby girl's arrival! 

... and because I've been promising a peek at the nursery - here is our work in progress ... finally hung wall decor this weekend! It's coming together, slowly but surely. ALL of the furniture is assembled ... just need to do some serious organzing over the next few weeks! 

Hope my fellow moms-to-be are feeling as well as possible and as well as you can in the final stretch :) Doesn't it seem like turning over in bed has become the biggest chore of all? XOXO


Baby is Baking ... 29 weeks!

Time is FLYING by! We had an appointment this morning to check on baby girl's progress and while she's CAMERA SHY, she's progressing well. Her heartbeat is still strong, doctor says everything looks good, and we're not to far away from meeting our little nugget! She refuses to be photographed ... so this was the best shot of her face we got! We're going for a 3d/4d ultrasound this weekend and hoping to get a better look at her then! 

At this point ... I'm asked the same few questions almost daily.

How are you feeling?
What's her name going to be?
Did you pack your hospital bag yet? 

I usually politely say "ok" when asked how I'm feeling, but honestly ... lately I've been feeling like a hot mess. Rolling out of bed is a struggle. My hips are constantly cracking and out of place. My lower back hurts. I'm having migraines ... and it's impossible to sleep. Other than that, I'm OK! I know it could be WAY worse and I've gotten off really easy so far, so I'm doing my best to just suck it up. 

Baby is still nameless. We have a list of names of like ... but we haven't named her yet and we're trying not to stress it! :)

The hospital bag question keeps surprising me each time I'm asked. SHOULD I HAVE A BAG PACKED ALREADY?! I guess I will get a move on it since everyone keeps asking and that makes me nervous to be unprepared, but no, other than posting on FB to ask what the MUST HAVES are, I haven't thought much about it. 

We're still working on her nursery! My husband has been SO awesome putting everything together and then moving the heavy furniture around until I'm happy with the placement. We should make some big progress over the next few weeks with the nursery and I'll post some progress pics! 

XOXO Hope my fellow mommas-to-be are feeling well ... and not getting too many unwanted belly rubs!
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27 weeks sounds so far along ... and my baby bump is growing rapidly! This was a big week for our little family. My husband John felt the baby kick for the first time. It was awesome. Almost as if she knew he was right there. It's not like he had his hand on my stomach waiting for it. He was walking by and I mentioned that she was moving a lot. He put his hand on me and she KICKED SO HARD that we were both startled. We looked at eachother and I was asked "did you finally feel her?" He did ... it was undeniable and so special. I haven't even felt her kick from the outside yet ... so for him to finally feel on the outside what I've been feeling on the inside was really awesome. 

Baby has a strong heartbeat, kicks me all hours of the night (often waking me up at 3am for the day) and loves peanut m&ms and frozen drinks. Ok, maybe I love the peanut m&ms, but she kicks like crazy when I drink anything frozen - it's so fun! 

Baby is still nameless as of now. We're planning to do a 3D/4D ultrasound in a few weeks and we're hoping to feel inspired by seeing her. We have a narrowed down list of names we love ... but considering she's going to be stuck with this name for a lifetime, we're taking our sweet time naming her. Her nursery is coming along nicely, once I get some of the decor hung, I'll post some pictures. Instead of doing a theme, I did a color scheme. I'm hoping it all comes together! :)

It's taken me a while to post a new baby bump picture because ... well ... I'm nothing but honest with you so I'll just say it, who wants to post pics of themselves when they feel BLAH? Back aches, hip pains, cramping, and an overall feeling of blah ... it took me a little bit, but here goes. I'll do my best to share more over the next 12ish weeks! 

Baby is currently the size of a BUNCH OF BANANAS! Speaking of bananas, it's snack time. XO
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FTM ... 21 weeks!

I promised a photo. Every week I take a photo next to a chalkboard that has info. about what baby is up to or the size of that week. I don't post them, I just take them so my husband and I can track our progress and have them for a scrapbook. Everyone's been asking for a photo, so here goes. Here's my 20 week pic!

I'm currently 21 weeks, baby is now the length of a carrot, and is doing well! I had an appointment yesterday and the doctor says baby is doing great in there. I'm feeling flutters, nudges, and movement ALL THE TIME now which is an amazing and freaky feeling all at the same time. It's a miracle that there's a PERSON inside of me right now ... and it's freakish at the same time to be startled by a more forceful nudge in the middle of the night or in the middle of a store. This morning I popped into TJ Maxx (bc afterall, I'm a Maxxinisita) and as I was browsing the picture frames I JUMPED a little. Baby is bouncing all around in there! 

At the suggestion of a friend, early on in my pregnancy I joined the January 2015 birth club on the Baby Center APP. If you're pregnant and not on there yet here are my thoughts. It's awesome to be able to talk to hundreds of other women who are due around the same time as you ... but they will also make you crazy. They use all kinds of pregnancy lingo i'm still getting the hang of including FTM. Apparently that stands for FIRST TIME MOM. Instead of writing out most words, they have little codes ... like DH is DEAR HUSBAND ... DS is DEAR SON, DD is DEAR DAUGHTER. You get it. At first I felt like it was a game just to figure out what people were saying. The app is a blessing and curse. When I'm feeling emotional or nervous about something, I have to stay off of it. 

This FTM is excited to get baby's nursery rolling. I'm spending my nights on Pinterest dreaming up nursery ideas and finding inspiration for our tiny person's dwelling. There is so much excitement, but it comes with nerves too. I hope I'll be a good mom. That's something I think about all the time. When you've never done this before, there's a lot of unknown. I've gotten some pretty awesome emails from moms who listen to the show and have offered their words of wisdom and to all of you who took the time to reach out - thank you! :) Your emails make me smile! XO 

We're keeping the gender of BABY a secret until the end of September when we have a little gender reveal lunch with family and close friends. Ahhhhh the end of the month can't come soon enough ... I thought keeping my pregnancy hush until 14 weeks was hard, but not slipping on this secret might be even harder! XO 
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I look forward to Fridays because Friday is my NEW WEEK mark in my pregnancy. It means we're one week closer to meeting our little nugget ... and one more of developments are happening inside of me. It's crazy cool. I'm 20 weeks today ... and since I'm being induced around 39 weeks, I'm more than halfway there! Baby is the length of a banana and mom is finally feeling flutters! 

We still don't know if baby is a he or a she ... which is starting to drive me nuts because I'm so excited to start planning the nursery. We'll know soon enough. Everyone says it's a girl because I'm girly - that makes lots of sense, doesn't it? Not so much. We'll just have to wait and see! 

Hope you have a great weekend! I'll come back and post some pics next week! XO 
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Being someone who overshares EVERYTHING ... this was the hardest secret to keep over the past 14 weeks. John & I are expecting our first baby! We're due in January and our little nugget is currently the size of a lemon or beet. (The different apps use different fruits and vegetables to compare the size of the baby to!)

We are beyond thrilled and so excited not to have to hold this secret in any longer! It was really hard to keep this a surprise for Jeff too ... I just told him I was pregnant YESTERDAY on the air ... and let's just say, I GOT HIM. He didn't see it coming ... which is weird because he's been asking me when we were going to try and start a family for a while now. Either way, I mislead him and told him I lied to him about something and wanted to come clean about it ... then "dropped the bomb" on him as he likes to put it.

We're so excited to finally share this news with everyone! Baby has a strong heartbeat and I'm feeling pretty good. I think the worst of the exhaustion phase is over (thank god) ... other than that, I get nauseous at night once in a while, but no extreme morning sickness. Now I just can't wait to go back to the doctor now ... the wait between appointments is the worst! All I'm looking for is a little reassurance that everything is going ok and the weeks and weeks in between appointments is ROUGH! It's pretty amazing how INSTANTLY I felt protective over this little person.

I read WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING before I was even pregnant (can you tell I'm a planner to the extreme?) because I like to be armed with everyone ounce of information possible. So now I think I might re-read it now that it actually applies to me and I can relate to all of the week by week information.

I hear we're in for one wild ride ... of a life! Can't wait! :) Thank you for all of the love and support!

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Whip Nae Nae

You know those silly moments when you're driving with other people in the car and it just turns into a really strange mobile party? That's exactly what happened over the weekend, but it was one of those times I almost wish we were recording it because it was just that BAD.

I'm obsessed with Youtube videos of little kids doing the Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae dance. Seeing little kids do it makes me so happy because it's just adorable ...

I was describing this dance to my husband, John. At first he was acting like he wasn't really sure what I was talking about ... and next thing I knew JOHN BUSTS OUT THE DANCE!!! LOL Then it hit me, HE'S OBSESSED WITH WATCHING PEOPLE DO THIS DANCE TOO! Oh that husband of mine. I think my new favorite thing is watching HIM do it!

If you have videos of your kids doing the dance - send it to me! I love it!

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