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Get Sexy for your Guy

We've teamed up with LIPSTICK PHOTOS to make it a VERY SEXY Valentine's Day for you and your guy.

Celebrate your sexiness with a Boudoir photo session from Lipstick Photos of Scranton.

Here's how Sandy & Ed from Lipstick explain Boudoir:

Boudoir is French and refers to the bedroom. So boudoir photography means bedroom photography to us. This does not mean obscene or raunchy! We do tastefully, sexy, classy, and respectful photography. Although we do not shoot nude photography we will shoot suggestive nudes.

Keep listening over the next 2 weeks for a chance to spice up your Valentines Day by winning a Boudoir Photo Session.

And if you would like to book a session, or want to learn more, call Lipstick @ 877.2829.


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01/20/2013 11:44AM
Get Sexy for your Guy
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01/23/2013 9:37AM
Hay! Big Guy I'm Waiting!!
2 kids Girl Scot leader Waitress Never home whem husband is need to surprise him!
01/27/2013 5:39PM
Get Sexy
Don't forget!We have another BOUDOIR PHOTO PACKAGE to give away this week.Get Sexy for your Guy with Lipstick Photos @ KRZ!~Rock
01/27/2013 8:07PM
want this for my fieonce
I would love a chance we are getting married in June this would be perfect
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