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Fish Tale Tonight! Is it fair to ask your ex not to date anyone you know?

What up Fish? My name is Mark and I just got out of a pretty intense three year relationship. It ended when we both decided we just weren't happy anymore. The day we broke it off for good I asked her if she would please not date anyone that I knew or that I'm friends with. The main reason behind this is because we share the same circle of friends and it would be way to painful. When I asked her at that time she didn't really give me an answer. Do I have a right to ask this? The next time I talk to her should I ask her again? What do I do? Please help! Mark
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Thursday Night Fish Tale! Do You Have To Tell Your Friend Right Away Your Dating

Dear Fish.
My name is Abby. I'm from Poccono Mt. I'm hoping you can help. About a month ago my friend ended her relationship with her boyfriend because she wasn't happy and felt they didn't have anything in common. A week after they split I was out with a group of my friends and strange enough ran into him. We got along great and talked all night.We talked just about everything and my friend never even came up. After that night we hung out a couple times.Then just last week we decided to date. The only problem is we haven't told my friend yet. Do I have to do it right away or should we wait until she moves on? I mean she did dump him so I don't think I broke the friend code. What do you think?
Please Help
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We are live come hangout with national recording artist Jaicko!!!
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Taking Bath's are not just for girls. Is it wrong for a dude to go all out?

Hey Fish I have a question I hope you and your listeners can answer. My boyfriend and I have been together for a month, and this past weekend was the first time I spent the night at his place. His apartment is a typical "guy's apartment" a lot of dark colors and "guy stuff" on the walls. The only weird thing about his apartment was his bathroom.  He has like, three different jars full of bath salts . . . as well as bath bubbles and "scented oils" for the bathtub. I asked him about it, and he said he likes to take baths sometimes to relax. Is it weird for men to take baths?  Aren't baths more of a "woman thing?"  Should my boyfriend have all these bath products?  Isn't buying this stuff kind of girly?


What do you guys think?

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18 and ready to party! But is it to soon?

Hey my name is Jonelle and I have a problem that I’m hoping you and your listeners can help me with. I’m a freshman at Bloomsburg and just turned 18. Anyway my roommates at college and I are planning a trip to Miami for Spring Break.  I’m so excited because this will be my first trip without my parents!  There’s only one problem I haven’t told them yet. Now that I’m 18 I feel that I have earned this since I’m a full time student and waitress on the weekends. So I have the money and great grades. But my parents are very strict and since they help pay for college I don’t think they will let me go. What should I do?
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R.J.'S Past Is Back!

Hey Fish! It’s RJ from Tunkhannock and I need some help. Last year I ended things with the girl I was dating because she was cheating on me! Since then I have completely moved on. Well recently whenever I go out it seems my ex- is there. Now I know this is a small area and all but every time I turn around she’s there. Is this just ironic or is she actually planning this? Either way it’s bad because the girl I’m currently dating is furious and wants to confront her. I want to avoid this at all costs! So what do I do?  Please help!!!
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What’s up Fish my name is Tanya from Plains and I need your help! My boyfriend and I have a great relationship we have been together for 4 years and I couldn’t be happier. There’s just one thing that has really irked me lately. My boyfriend’s best friend is getting married this June and he’s the best man in the wedding!  Here’s the problem the bride to be wants the same close relationship with me like my boyfriend and his best friend have! This is an issue because I really don’t like her that much. Reason being this girl is the token bridezilla and all about her all the time! So it’s making things awkward for everyone! What do I do? Should I fake liking her and act like her best friend until the wedding is over or do I be honest and avoid her as much as I physically can? Please help!!!

Thanks :-0

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What’s up Fish my name is Tina I’m from Kingston and I listen to your show every night! I never thought I would be the one who would need your help. So here it goes two weeks ago I was out with my best friend/ co-worker having a few cocktails after work. This is the normal Friday night out for us. Well after a few drinks my friend strikes up a conversation with this gorgeous guy. It was funny because all night it seemed like he was interested in me. Well as the night passes and after a few more drinks I find myself involved more in the conversation and his attention turning to me. At this point my friend also noticed the change. This is where things got screwed up. My friend basically decides to drop in front of this great looking guy that I might be losing my job. Come February. At this point it totally freaked me out due to that fact I was drinking and ruined my night. In fact the rest of it was spent crying in the ladies room. Meanwhile she stayed at the bar continuing to hit on this guy! So not only did she devastate me with this horrific news but also played it off like it was nothing and then went home with this guy. Well it turns out that Monday when I came into work and confronted her on what she had told me that night. She admitted that it wasn’t exactly true someone in the company was being fired but it wasn’t me. I haven’t spoken to her since despite her many calls and emails! What should I do? Do I abandon our friendship completely or forgive and forget?

Please Help

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Is it normal for your Girlfriend to stalk your ex's on Facebook?

Hey Fish I need your help! Last week my gf and I were on the computer together at my apt. I was updating my face book page when she noticed an old picture of my ex and me. She then was so interested in this that she had me pull up my ex’s profile and do what everyone else calls face book stalking. Which I get it girls love to see what their past competition looks like and is about. But the other night I came home early from work and caught her doing it again!! Is this normal? Should I be concerned about the fact she is snooping through my past or is this just something girls do normally?


Todd  (Saylorsburg)
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Bro's Before Hoes! Do you have to follow the code?

Yo Fishboy!! Big fan and need you and the night show’s help!!! Here’s the situation every weekend me and my boy hit the bar scene. Now for a long time I have always been his wingman! Probably because when it comes to girls he is way more confident and outgoing. Now if you have ever been a wingman you know that it usually stinks! Well last weekend something odd happened which puts me in this crazy situation! Being the usual shy and backward wingman which is really who I’m anyway. The girl that my boy was hitting on and trying to make something work with really caught my eye and I think I caught her eye as well. Reason being, towards the end of the night her attention towards him diminished and she was now deeply focused on everything I had to say! This is not only a rare thing but a difficult one for my boy to pick up on usually because he is always the center of attention! So fast forward to this week he has been texting her non-stop and she has mostly blown him off and he still doesn’t get it. Meanwhile she and I have talked everyday without his knowledge! It’s seems that her and I have so much in common and we might get along great only thing is do I break the Bro’s before Hoes code? I mean he does like her but I don’t think she is nearly as interested in him as she is me! What should I do?   


Mike The Tired Wingman
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Video: My fav comedian interviewing Conan O'brien . . . SO funny!

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One of my favorite new websites is!!! Found a great article o


5 Tips for Scoring an Online Date

If one of your resolutions for 10 is to spend your Saturday nights on the couch with an actual girl - instead of just a beer and the latest NetFlix offering - you might be thinking of turning to online dating to find The One.

But online dating can be a minefield of bad pictures, confusing compatibility questionnaires, and profiles that range from "slightly padded" to "complete bullshit".

How do you create the perfect profile to make sure your inbox stays full of online admirers? I spoke with Dan Abelon, co-founder and love expert for, the world’s first online speed dating site, where you meet singles through live video and chat. Here are his tips:

1 - Avoid the "Fauxtograph"

Posting an outdated or altered image only delays the inevitable truth. Choose an image that not only shows your face but portrays your personality as well. (BG note: And watch for pics of chicks that are taken at weird angles, like from way above, or ones that look like they were taken in 1998.)

2 - Go with your gut.

Chemistry is key in online dating. Don't waste time going back and forth with someone that you're not connecting with. If you're not feeling it, move on! ( offers 3-minute live speed dates, with the option to opt out of a dull date gracefully at any time.)

3 - Show your stuff.

Skip the lengthy questionnaires. Post interesting facts about yourself that will allow potential dates with similar interests to learn more about you, without being bored to death by details. A lot of those questionnaires have terrible headings or subjects. Ignore them, and write about what makes you different than the four-million other guys out there.

4 - Get creative.

Sure, you could just attach a string of meaningless numbers to your real name, but why not create a screen name that captures your personality? Some user names include FreshAndFrench, SalsaLover66 and SurferGuy. (BG note: It should also be noted that any name containing the number 69, a reference to the size of your manhood, your prowess in bed, or the words "magnet", "hound", "playa" or "stud", should be avoided.)

5 - Start a spark.

The cyber flirt is all about witty conversation. Ask fun and unique questions. Can't think of anything?'s "ice breakers" offer conversation starter questions to get the ball rolling such as "If you were a superhero, what super-power would you want to have?" (BG note: And if she should ask you this, "x-ray vision" is the wrong answer.)
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“Your Call: A “Business Trip” Then a “Broken Foot” — Is He Lying?”

Dear Fishboy:

Two months ago I met a man online, we went out on a first date and hit it off immediately. We saw each other a few days later, and hooked up after that date. We continued to see each other over the course of the month two or three times a week. He then went away on vacation. Upon his return we made plans to see each other, but he had to cancel because of a work issue, which also took him on a long business trip. He returned recently and contacted me, however we haven’t been able to see each other because he broke his foot. He’s stated that he likes spending time with me, but he’s in an incredible amount of pain. But he’s maintained a level of silence, by only responding to some of my messages. Having been down this road of being ignored by other men I am a tad paranoid about whether the leopard has new spots? Is this just an extreme case of “He’s Just That Not Into You?”

Please Help!!!


Ok Gang what do you think?

Leave me a comment to help out Chrissy?
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Halloween Drama Update!!!!

Last night on the night show Paul from Kingston emailed the show with a Halloween Horror story.  Turns out his girlfriend wanted the both of them to go dressed up as a Peter Pan and Tinker Bell to Paul's friends Halloween party on Sat. Paul of course was not about this idea at all! Besides the fact what guy really wants to wear tights? At that point he wondered what he should do. After many of you called and emailed. The decision was made for Paul to address the situation and explain why it wasn't such a good idea to do that. Well here's an update turns out Paul was able to successfully convince his girlfriend Lisa not to go as Peter Pan and Tinker Bell! Score one for the guys. However since she was willing to sacrifice her costume Paul was forced to compromise and agreed to go to the party dressed as a different theme. The question is what theme should they go as? Remember it’s his friends party so he doesn’t want it to be to embarrassing. We will talk to Paul live on the air tonight just around 7:30pm. In the meantime feel free to leave some comments on what their costumes should be.
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Hometown Showdown Early Preview

Early Preview of Hometown Showdown
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Rocco losses in the last minutes of Showdown!

Rocco was on the verge to his FIRST victory when the Hanover cheerleaders were unable to attend tonight, BUT at the last minute, Pittston Area Cheerleaders showed up and stole his glory, and now Rocco has to dress up as the Tooki Bird and it's up to you to decide what the Took wears to the game!
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Hometown Showdown Update! Rocco Losses...Big Surprise

Check out Rocco tomorrow at Riverside during the Hometown Showdown where he will be rockin it hawaiian with a coconut bra and a grass skirt with Fishboy live only on KRZ!

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Riversides Winning Rap

Riversides winning rap courtesy of Taylor Swift and T Pain check out the video!  [kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]
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Rocco's Losing Rap

It's cold outside but it's hot in here

Because Rocco Rock is in your ear

Riverside is in the house at least this week I'm not wearing a blouse!

The Vikings think their bad to the bone but Roccos got this one so pickup the phone 

dial those digits 1800 222 0985

and vote for me

Doin it live with Fish on KRZ
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Pregnant and Confused

Dear Fishboy

Please help

Was with a man for over a year - on and off for the last 6 months. A year and a bit. Recently found out I am pregnant in July. He didn't take the news well at first and freaked out via txt. I found that weird and so ignored. When he finally became happy about the baby. I then came clean and told him when we were broken up I had a one nighter during that month that went wrong... Anyway the ex is not speaking to me . He missed the recent scan though he said he wanted to go - I ended up alone. He then rang that night out of curiousity and guilt I guess...but still he decided to 'move on' and totally ignore me, he was supposed to be going with me to it. Now he won't even reply to me  and tell me if he wants to go or not to the next scan and I don't find this fair. So I'm going to go without him if need be, but how long is this rubbish treatment from him going to go on, I am scared to totally resent him if he waltzes back into my life at the end of the pregnancy as he is making me struggle alone as it is. He is making out like the baby isn't his..but people given the facts I have just presented to you..surely its more likely to be him?? I said I was cool to a paternity test cos it was a bit of a mystery to me how I conceived at all! The ex has not seen or spoken to me in over a month now and thinks there is only a 5% chance it could be his, given the dates. .. I just want to know will he ever speak to me again? His last txt read, promise you, last txt ever...and he hasn't written ever since.  I don't know what his problem is?  He knows I am not faking as I showed him the tester...and documents. Just to show him that no really its happening. BUT now what?? I want him back and even though I am capable of doing this alone. I find it unfair.



Ok gang let's help Becky out comment your advice
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I want my tombstone to look like this!!!!



Billy Mays Tombstone -- Big Thumbs Up

Posted Oct 15th 2009 1:00AM by TMZ Staff

Billy Mays' tombstone has finally been unveiled in Pennsylvania -- and lets just say it captures every aspect of the pitchman's life ... husband, father, son, "Pitchman."

The gravestone features a full color image of Billy wearing his classic blue shirt, a big smile and a satisfaction guaranteed thumbs up.

Billy's son, Billy Mays III, posted the picture on his Twitter page, with the caption, "So here it is, my dad's gravestone."

Billy's funeral was on July 3 in McKees Rock, Pennsylvania -- and all his pallbearers were decked out in the blue shirts as well.
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Little Saturday fun

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]
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For her 1 million  follower on Twitter Soleill Moon Frye  aka Punky Bruster decided to re-live her childhood character.. Warning this is disturbing!!!

Punky Bruster
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So are you curious where the hot rich single people live? I was so I found Forbes top ten list of where they live. NYC is at number 1 and Philly is a number 10 road trip anyone?


New York City








Washington D.C.




San Francisco


Los Angeles





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Dancing With The C Listers Season 9


Here’s the season 9 list of Dancing with the Stars!!!  With the exception of Kathy Ireland this list is awful!!!  Let’s hope Ozzy’s daughter pulls a Paula Abdul and shows up all messed up  and Macy Gray beats her down  That or Donny Osmond and Aaron Carter  get KO’d by Chuck Liddell otherwise this will probably be the worst season yet…

1. Kathy Ireland, supermodel, author and fashion CEO of Kathy Ireland Worldwide 
2. Macy Gray, Grammy-winning singer
3. Melissa Joan Hart, actress and one of the stars on our wish list
4. Mya, R&B singer and actress
5. Ashley Hamilton, actor-comedian and son of Season 2's George Hamilton
6. Michael Irvin, ex-NFL wide receiver
7. Mark Dacascos, The Chairman on Iron Chef America
8. Donny Osmond, entertainer and brother of Season 5's Marie Osmond
9. Kelly Osbourne, singer and daughter of Ozzy Osbourne
10. Debi Mazar, Entourage star
11. Chuck Liddell, light heavyweight champion
12. Natalie Coughlin, 11-time Olympic medalist in swimming
13. Joanna Krupa, model; most recently seen on ABC's The Superstars
14. Louie Vito, snowboarder
15. Aaron Carter, singer and brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter
16. Tom DeLay, former House majority leader
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The Reason Why I Eat Out

Recently I decided to take up cooking. I guess for a couple reasons one I’m tired of fast food and two women love it. Here’s a little beginner recipe for everyone learning. At Sam’s club or and grocery store really look in the freezer isle for a black bag that has chicken parmesan on it. This is a fairly easy skillet based meal which only takes about 15 minutes to make and when your done you won’t believe you actually cooked it. To get adventurous after stirring everything together add American cheese and have that melt into the chicken parmesan. Look out Emril here comes Fish!!   

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