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Fish Tale Tonight! You caught the popular kid cheating off you in class. Do you

What's up Fish my name is Michelle and I hear you talk about people's emails on the air all the time. I'm looking for some moral advice and hoping the Nightshow can help. I'm a Junior in High School. To protect my identity I don't want to mention the school. Reason being the last few weeks in class I have noticed the person sitting next to me cheating off me during every quiz and test. I'm an A student but not very popular in social scheme. The boy cheating is very popular and is not a great student at all. I work very hard and want to get accepted into a great school so I don't think this is fair that he is doing this. I'm also afraid that if I tell someone my classmates will make my life even more of a social nightmare. What should I do? Please help!

10/06/2010 11:18AM
Fish Tale Tonight! You caught the popular kid cheating off you in class. Do you tell?
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10/06/2010 3:49PM
Try to come up with a reason to have your seat changed that puts the blame on yourself like: You can't see well enough from where you are, or that you are having trouble paying attention in your current seat.
10/06/2010 4:52PM
Hey fishboy. Listen, If I were Michelle I would go and ask her teacher if she can have her seat moved so she can see better (wither closer up or over to one side more). That way, she doesn't have to worry about the whole popularity thing being dropped, and she doesn't have to squeal on him. Because we all know that telling on someone doesn't always work. Haha. Good luck to her though!!
10/06/2010 4:59PM
Michelle, Honestly you shouldn't have your social status be the big problem. He's taking credit for your work. That's wrong and not only will it hurt him in the future, but thays like you doing twice the work. So just get your seat moved if possible, and if not then confront the dude! Tell him to back off and do his own work. Or secretly tell the teacher (if needed) and say "just so you know I say him copying me, maybe next time you can pretend to catch him." or you can even do the simplicity of covering your paper with your arm! Good luck hun (=
10/06/2010 5:03PM
West Scranton Invader Cheerleaders
Hey Michelle, we think that you should go to the teacher in private and tell him or her your problem. Then, you should ask him or her to watch during the next test to see if he cheats again. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself, he's the one that's wrong in this situation! Hope we helped, good luck with your problem!
10/06/2010 6:48PM
Dear Fishboy, Hi my name is Kristen and I am also a junior in highschool .I know exactly what Melissa means about school in my opinion I'd go with the moral thing to do because one day they will be working for you your smart and if they need to copy theyobviously don't take school as seriouly as you do good luck love Kristen :)
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