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Favorite NEPA Jingles

I went through all the calls & texts from this morning's show and created a top 10 list of your favorite jingles exclusive to NEPA.  Great stuff!

Did we miss any?  Add it to the comment section.



1--Van Scoy Diamond Mine
2--Shorten Homes
3--Wyoming Valley Motors
5--Jim Dandy's
8--Victoria's Candies
9--My Brother's Place
10--Mt. Airy Lodge

I'm a lucky girl,
hoo-ray, oh boy!
Look at my diamond,
it came from Van Scoy.
My boyfriend bought it,
saved lots of money too.
Van Scoy's the diamond king,
yes, he's the man for you!


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05/16/2013 12:10PM
Favorite NEPA Jingles
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05/16/2013 12:49PM
Another Jingle!
"The Scranton Times, The Sunday Times, The Tribune. Get the Paper!"
12/13/2015 6:42PM
The Van Scoy jingle...
...wasn't exclusive to NEPA, even though Tommy started in business in Scranton. It just popped into my head to search for it, and the 98.5KRZ page also referenced in in Google search results. I heard it all through the late—‘60s to early—‘70s in the greater Harrisburg area. I imagine Van Scoy ran the commercial in all of their markets. The long version... Bonus content:
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