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FLOOD RELIEF DRIVE . . . the items needed!

KRZ's Entercom Cares Flood Relief Drive will take place this weekend - 9am-6pm at both the WB and Taylor Walmart. Items needed to assist flood victims are CLEAN UP KIT SUPPLIES. $ donations will also be accepted.

Items needed include:

Surgical Mask
... Latex Gloves
Large Sponge
Scrub Brush Bleach
Cleaner - Ameriking Cleaner w/Bleach
Disinfectant, Pine-Sol @ 28 oz.
Regular Broom Head
Small/Large Mop Head
Large Black Garbage Bag
Broom Sticks
Garden Gloves

09/09/2011 4:20PM
FLOOD RELIEF DRIVE . . . the items needed!
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10/05/2011 2:32PM
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