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F Cancer???

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DAVID MAIALETTI / Staff Photographer The Inquirer)

Did you hear about the sisters that were asked to leave the King of Prussia Mall because they were wearing hats that said "F*&% Cancer"?  The full word was spelled out, but the C was replaced with a pink ribbon.

They were wearing the hats to honor their Mom who recently passed away from cancer.  And here's the ironic part:  they were shopping at the mall to buy dresses to wear to their Mom's funeral.

Obviously the mall was insensitive here especially when the timing is taken into account.  But this is where Lissa and I disagreed.

Lissa thinks that if you can buy it at the mall you should be able to wear it at the mall.

We all have our own ways of dealing with personal tragedies, whether its cancer or the loss of a loved one.  But I still think the mall has every right to ask them to remove the hats since it is a public place.

Here's what some of you had to say this morning--

Saying f*** cancer is probably a way for those girls to grieve, however it is not appropriate in a public place where there are children.

This is absurd!!!! My mom has had cancer for 13 years and if you have ever personally dealt with a loved one battling cancer, it is a disgusting & ugly disease. There is no other way to describe it other than f*ck cancer. and if the mall has no posted rules concerning offensive language, they shouldn’t be allowed to make them leave. I know for sure I will NEVER shop at that mall.

I agree with Lissa. I lost both parents to cancer. So yea... F cancer!!!! I'm happy the girls did what they did & that they felt strong enough to do that. I lived in that area & wore ALOT worse to that mall & wasn’t asked to leave. My F-word was full & had the C-word on the back.. This was approx 15 yrs ago

Look around the mall. Do you know how many stores have stuff like that right in the windows. Hot Topics, Spencers,and more.

I have cancer and I don't agree with using the f word I have 2 daughters 17 and 14 and I tell them I am fighting this but I won't let them use that word unfortunately we are dealt things we don't like and don't understand.

People don't get kicked out of malls for having tattoos that have the f word.. But a hat isn't okay? At least this was for a good cause.

I work at a mall and I have seen more offensive things than that hat. Female body parts and young "men" walking around with their pants way below their butt cheeks. I feel anyone offended by this has never experienced cancer first hand. I have had 2 very close and wonderful people die from this ruthless disease. It is an awful way to die. Kudos to those women.

I agree w/ both of u usually I pick a side but this has 1 Hell of a gray area due to timing however, the hat still spells it out clearly

Would much prefer they begin approaching the young men who walk around with their ASSES hanging out of their jeans!!!! Extremely embarrasing.

There are better ways to show your support against cancer. That slogan isn't proving anything.

That is absolutely ridiculous wearing that was perfectly fine You can go to store inside the mall and buy worse than that If they're going to criticize people on the words they can wear on the clothing. Maybe they should make people wear more clothing because I'd rather read that than see parts of people that we’re not supposed to see.

I say F that. Have you seen what they sell in Spencer's? Also I'm offended by Red Sox jerseys but they let those people in!

Interesting question. If the ladies were wearing the curse word item they purchased in a store at that mall, would they have to kick them out?

What do YOU think?  Post your comments below.

And THANKS for listening.


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05/23/2013 12:04PM
F Cancer???
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05/23/2013 12:39PM
Diva :P
Hallmark, and they're much stuffier then KOP, they sell F@ck Cancer mugs, no one ever got kicked out of there. And I use mine in school, places where I perform, anywhere it will bring attention to the cause. Because I'm too young to have this, and I have something that expresses exactly how I feel. Students gave it to me, must be how they feel too. So I can only sympathize how those daughters felt shopping for their moms funeral. They should be able to express how they want, no one got hurt and it's not offensive.
05/23/2013 3:06PM
Are they going to wear the hats to the mom funeral??
05/23/2013 3:07PM
Are they going to wear the hats to the moms funeral at the church??
05/23/2013 3:11PM
yeah who cares....
why have any class? no one loves cancer....but that does little to help the cause, just bring attention to the girls. LOVE to see what they bought to wear at the funeral.....I dont know why...but I think we will find out this is a hoax......
05/23/2013 6:13PM
Let it be
It's not like the whole word was spelled out if your child can interrupt the hat they they are already using the word around friends. It's a hat saying how they feel about cancer & I agree
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