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Ever Give a Cheater a 2nd Chance?

This morning we did Part 3 of "To Catch A Cheater".  Lissa has a friend that suspects her boyfriend is cheating.  She was going to confront the other woman Saturday, but her plans were snowed out.  Now she is leaning toward forgetting the whole thing and giving her guy another chance.

Have you ever given a cheater a second chance?  Good or bad, what happened after that?

Here's what out text club members had to say--


I cheated, got caught and she made me deal with it instead of leaving and I’ve never cheated since.  I actually felt someone really cared and made me deal with it.

I cheated during a very bad time in my marriage of course assuming the grass was greener somewhere else. Thankfully my husband forgave me it took some time but we have moved past it. It has been 4 years and I can say this I WILL NEVER CHEAT AGAIN. It's just not worth ruining your family for. That being said if there are no kids. She should move on.

Don't cheat. If you’re bored then be a man and end it.

People that cheat do it because they are looking for other people to fill their voids. The more they take the more they take away from who you are. They make you feel worthless. Love yourself and get rid of him!

I think nowadays more and more men cheat. But if he is not emotionally attached to that person and didn't go looking for it then I do not see why you should not give a second chance.

Cheaters are like spouse abusers. They say they will change and for a while they do but then they go back to their old ways. It's a sickness. They need help. Get out while you can. You will be better off.

Had a bad marriage went outside looking to get away . Confessed then taken back . Now it is great and we are closer now than ever.  I will never let it get like that again . We both agree that we have lost the trust but I feel I can earn it back. Words mean nothing it’s all in the actions.

Tell your friend dump the piece of crap boyfriend. Remember, "a leopard doesn't change the color of it's spots". He WILL cheat again.

When you forgive you pretty much say “Walk over me I’m not worth much” it’s the same as if you were being abused once he cheats and you forgive he will just keep on doing it because he doesn’t learn.

My husband cheated on an extended business trip, and I took him back because of our newborn. To my knowledge he's never done it again, but I definitely keep my guard up, which has made me less tolerant and bitchy.

Don’t take him back. If he cheated he doesn’t care enough about her feelings or her. He’s not worth it.

I cheated, my husband gave me a second chance, and we are now happier than we ever have been. The experience made me appreciate what a great man my husband is!

I took him back and he ended up getting engaged to the other one and is now married, expecting a child and STILL calls me. Scumbag.

I gave my ex gf a 3rd chance and she still cheated! What a waste of 5 years of my life. You can’t trust anyone like that

I was the cheater. I had a one nighter shortly after we started dating, he gave me a 2nd chance and 4 years later we are happily married with 2 kids. :)

10/31/2011 10:12AM
Ever Give a Cheater a 2nd Chance?
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family guy - Ever Give a Cheater a 2nd Chance?
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