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Jeff Walker

Email Wednesday - Is this dress too slutty for prom?

04/07/2010 12:13PM
Email Wednesday - Is this dress too slutty for prom?
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04/07/2010 12:26PM
if my daughter tried to walk out of the house in that for any reason (especially a situation that is practically a teenage mating ritual) i'd ground her.
04/07/2010 12:31PM
NO FREAKIN WAY!! I am 30yrs old and have a soon to be 15yr old daughter...yes I know not the best role model. But there is no way I would allow her to wear that dress. It doesn't matter if they act "slutty" while in it or not. Her father is 100% right, a17yr old has no business walking around dressed like that. I don't agree that what you wear may make a guy think ur easy, that's an excuse used too often. The fact of the matter is she is 17 & in high school, and quite frankly should know better.
04/07/2010 12:33PM
sandra omalley
no i don't think there are slutty at all and I am mother of 2 boys and 1 girl
04/07/2010 12:39PM
The only word that comes to mind is SHANK! There is no way my child would be wearing that!
04/07/2010 12:47PM
are you going to a prom or a night club? I would never let my daughter wear that. It is a dress for mature adults to wear not teenagers!!!!
04/07/2010 12:47PM
It is a very pretty dress, but it is too much for Prom. This dress says sleep with me all over it. Cause if you think about it, you couldn't wear panties or a bra if you really want to pull off the look. This dress will draw alot of attention, and if you don't like to be stared at then it is not for you. Think about how the guy will feel, he will also get looks. None of my daughters will ever wear something like this if they would like to live thier life.
04/07/2010 12:52PM
This dress is to revealing and she should of asked first, but it could be worse. I have seen way more revealing prom dresses then this one.
04/07/2010 12:52PM
hi guys!! I hav 2 daughters and my oldest will be off to prom in a few years. my husband would never let her wear that dress. We had our daughter very young and it wasn't long ago we were in high school. I went with a younger friend of mine to their prom, and there was a girl that wore a dress that was just as revealing. Before prom there was a set up where families could go take pictures and everyone was not only in shock with this girls dress, but staring at the parents that were taking her picture with her friends and family. I feel bad for her, but she can do better. And go dad, there's not enough dad's out there that care enough to say something, she's lucky she has one that cares!!! Have a good day guys!!
04/07/2010 12:53PM
I'm not a fan, but I've seen MUCH worse.
04/07/2010 12:57PM
If she can pull of that look I would say go for it. those girls in the pictures def. don't look like they are 17, but if she's got it, flaunt it.
04/07/2010 1:01PM
I'm carissa and a senior at wyoming area. Overall, times have changed and dresses are not like they used to be. I personally would not want to wear a dress like that, but some people could pull it off. these are the kind of dresses that are put out there. Its a beautiful dress and I'm sure she could pull it off without looking slutty. There will be other girls with dresses very similar. Coming from an 18 year old attending prom, its not a huge deal. Let her wear the dress her mind is set on :) thankss.
04/07/2010 1:01PM
This dress is not appropriate for a 16 year`old. It's even trashy for someone older. Parents need to be more vigilant about what their chidren wear to school and school events. Whether it's fair or not, we are often judged by what we wear.
04/07/2010 1:02PM
I am a Mom and I would not even allow my daughter to try this dress on if we were out shopping for dresses. My concern also would be that this girl ordered the dress online with her Dads credit card possibly without his permission. If she had his permission then shame on him for not paying attention to what she was actually ordering!
04/07/2010 1:22PM
In this day and age this is the typical prom gown. My problem is with the father. He gave his teenage daughter permission to use his credit card without supervision. Why didn't he ask to see the gown before she ordered it?
04/07/2010 1:46PM
I have a 17 year old daughter who will be attending a prom and a 24 year old daughter who did attend proms. I wouldn't allow my daughter to wear that to the prom. There are enough beautiful dresses to choose from without looking skankie. I think that particular dress is not appropriate for a High School prom.
04/07/2010 2:02PM
Jeff and Amanda, What everyone seems to have failed to mention is whether or not this girl is going to prom with a date. One of the many prom rituals is to get everyone's parents and famiies together to take pictures. I am 23 and take great pride in my body. I work out very hard and think I look pretty good, but I would NOT want my boyfriend's mother to see me in a dress like that. This girl needs to take into consideration the type of message such a dress sends. Save the showing off for a pool party.
04/07/2010 4:50PM
what is the AVERAGE halloween costume for like HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS LIKE slutty, scary, ect????????????
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04/08/2010 11:58AM
Frankly I don't think the dress was designed for a 15 year old body, hence leave the dress for the women it is designed for. There is no way on earth I would let my daughter walk out of the house in that. Why not just ask her date to have his way with her!
04/08/2010 12:28PM
I'm a dad i would let my daughter wear it. It looks just fine to me as long as i was dropping her off at the prom and picking her up when prom ended. I would not allow her to go out after the prom wearing it. She would have to change. If she feels and looks beautiful in it is that not what really counts? on her one and only prom night If she can make the dress look respectful like the models wearing it i see nothing wrong with it. And to the person above that mentioned daddy giving the credit card. Every daughter is a daddy's girl its trust that counts. Every dad has his Daughter that has him wrapped with a smile and a love you! So easy to melt dads heart. Daddy's girl for sure. Let her enjoy HER prom night
04/14/2010 3:50PM
My sister, who is now 25, wore a black dress similar to that and she had the abs to rock it. She also made the prom court.
04/16/2010 7:53AM
I don't think it helps that those girls are making "I wanna sex you up" faces in the pictures but some girls who wear things like that tend to look more slutty than others. I say let the girls wear it and let them be judged by their peers because thats the only opinion teenagers will really listen to anyways.
04/19/2010 1:36PM
hell yeah its a porm to slutty lol looking goood thou lol
04/19/2010 1:37PM
hell yeah to young for prom lol but very hot sexy slutty dresses lol
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