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Amanda's Blog 

Eat Your Heart Out

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I've been totally calm about the whole wedding planning process until the clock stuck 12 and it was 2013, our wedding year. Something about knowing we are getting married THIS YEAR made me realize I really need to get my butt in gear ... in every way. There are SO MANY things to do and think about before we get married in October ... you can keep up with the wedding planning over on my BRIDAL BLOG! :) But today, today is the day I start a little cleanse/diet with my friend Tanya. Misery loves company and since she's my workout buddy, (we've been sweating for the wedding!) I agreed to do this diet with her for the next week. I'm only a few hours in and would LOVE to eat a protein bar, but i'm resisting. Today, I eat fruit and only fruit. I'm armed with cantelope, melon, grapes, and apples ... no coffee, no diet soda, no real food besides fruit. I'm determined to get through the day, let's hope I can keep a smile on my face while doing so! :)
Tomorrow is veggie day . . . that's going to be a real challenge. I love broccoli, especially when it's covered in that yummy garlic sauce at the chinese restaurant .. obviously, that's off limits. Here goes nothing . . . fingers crossed! While this isn't my resolution for the new year, keeping a positive attitude IS, so they kind of go hand in hand! XO

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01/02/2013 1:53PM
Eat Your Heart Out
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01/02/2013 5:46PM
Ill wait for your results before I torture myself lol if it works and how long it takes to come back
01/02/2013 9:19PM
Amanda Google cabbage soup diet this is almost exactly same except u eat the soup everyday...the recipe is same as this soup they call miracle soup...I do cabbage soup diet every time I hit a platue...seriously lost 9 lbs in a week nd as long as when ur done u follow it by 3 days of nothing but water nd protien it stays off, them with exercise u stay on track...I have lost 30 lbs in 7 months doing the cabbage soup diet 3 different times...
01/07/2013 6:48PM
And how did you do?
I don't see where you logged in how you did. That doesn't mean it's not on here. It just means I haven't put my glasses on. Roberta
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