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Dumbest Fashion Trends Ever

Matching outfits, Bandanas, the Deep-V t-shirt and Uggs were just a few of the 25 DUMBEST FASHION TRENDS we were talking about this morning.

The list was the result of a survey on

They obviously left off a few dumb trends.

Here's the KRZ Listener list of DUMB FASHION TRENDS:

Parting hair down the middle and popped collars
Overweight women that wear skin tight pants that say "Juicy" on their butt
Pajama bottoms
NFL Zubaz pants
Bandana wrapped around their thigh
Socks with sandals
Guys in skinny jeans
The Flashdance look
Parachute pants
Half shirts on guys
Those pants with the loops on the bottom:  hooker pants
Winter boots with Summer skirts
Fanny packs
Leisure suits
Sweater vests
Fingerless gloves
Socks with high heels
Tube socks
Neon shoelaces
Acid washed jeans
Shutter Shade Kanye glasses
Popped collar
Cell phone holders on belts

Did we miss anything?



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09/18/2012 9:41AM
Dumbest Fashion Trends Ever
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09/18/2012 11:51AM
dumbest fashion trends
The NFL pants are ZUBAZ not zoomba! Gangster pants- underwear showing wallets with chains Ed Hardy Ear gauges facial piercings jeggings, leggins are not pants, tights are not leggings ladies! Platform shoes high heel sneakers
09/18/2012 10:56PM
Dumbest Fashion Trends Ever
Ripped jeans are my number one favorite.
09/19/2012 9:46AM
Dumb Fashion
Just hang out at the Mall or any 80's concert at Montage! ~Rock
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