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Dirty Little Secrets


Rocky:  On a dare in High School ate a rat’s foot

Sue:  Got naked at a nude beach

Lissa:  Made out in a church

One of us was lying.  Can you guess which one?

It was me!  (Rocky)  Actually this isn’t a total lie.  There was a kid in my High School that DID eat a rat’s foot.  We all threw in a buck, and at lunch one day, he did it.  I think there was about $20 in the pot.

Sue DID get naked, reluctantly, when we discovered a nude beach in the Caribbean.  She took off her bathing suit after she was in the water.

And when Lissa was 13 she got cornered by a guy in church.  He threw her in a closet and started making out with her.

We’ll have more DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS next week.

05/04/2011 9:30AM
Dirty Little Secrets
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06/02/2011 8:42PM
I like this idea, but will there be any more posts in your blogs or just on the radio?
06/06/2011 9:50AM
Rocky & Sue
Good point, David. I'll post our DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS on a weekly basis. Inquiring minds want to know!!! ~Rock
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