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Dirty Diaper = Loss of Appetite

Yesterday I told the story of how outraged I was last week while Sue and I were having lunch with some friends while we were in Maine.  A couple decided to change their baby’s dirty diaper in the booth right next to us.  Granted, the place wasn’t too crowded, but still…THERE’S PEOPLE TRYING TO EAT HERE.
And I was the unlucky one at our table with a full view of the poop-a-palooza.

First off, no one should be exposed to this at a restaurant of all places.  And secondly, what about the health issue? 

The couple did put down a changing blanket, but in my eyes, this is way over-the-top disgusting.

I mentioned this to the waitress as we were paying our check, and she just rolled her eyes and walked away.

Was I wrong?  Or should the waitress have said something to the couple?

Here’s what you had to say on Facebook and via text.

Enjoy your lunch today!

--I would prefer to never change a baby at a booth however if there is no changing table in the bathroom u got to do what u got to do plus we put a changing pad down

--Very inconsiderate on their part. I used to work at old navy at the viewmont mall in the fitting room and a large lady walked in and started breast feeding right in front of me. I offered to open a room for her and she said " it doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you". I told her it did and she left instead of taking the fitting room. Unbelievable the nerve of some people.

--In China, most children don't even wear diapers they wear Pants with a slit up the crotch and the parents just hold them out the street and let them poop and Pee in public. And just go about their business like nothing happened So I could see this being a cultural thing as well.

--I'm pretty sure poop and food don't mix in any country.

--EW! Imagine the next people to sit there..e coli much?

--I've done it. Baby changing station in rest room never gets cleaned. Dining room tables get cleaned about 30 times a day. Guess where my baby's ass is going

--I'm totally with you in thinking there was a better option, but in the case, the go to trunk was probably not an option. Dude, Maine, winter and naked baby? But there had to be a better option.

--Agree with rock and caller sheila. Would you believe stroud mall has no changing tables?

--It shouldn't have been the waitress. Should have been the manager to say something.

--I generally like to give people the benefit of the doubt but I think the health inspector might take issue with changing the baby in a restaurant.

--Touchy a parent, I understand why the couple may have done what they did....bathrooms were occupied, changing station dirty or broken. Improvising is a huge part of parenting. They probably should have gone to a car if they couldn't use the bathroom. But unfortunately saying something doesn't usually help.

--What if the kid started whizzing?

--Waitress could have told them it was against policy or that they were violating health code and then directed to bathroom.

--Not everybody has a strong stomach for things like that and a lot of people have a strong sense of smell. To smell a dirty diaper next to you while you are eating is disgusting and unsanitary. I took my daughter out to the car and changed her so no one had to see or smell anything

--Can't lie I have when they didn't have a changing station, but I did it like a ninja nobody noticed. I've seen ppl slap the kid on the table and change them. All I have to say to that is NO

--Emergencies happen I hope they used a changing pad and wiped throughly afterwards, you people spewing off about health violations your food you eat is most certainly dirtier than that child period HYPOCRITES !

--i would rather see a baby changed at a table/floor then in a NASTY bathroom because for all of you that don't know if the bathroom is NASTY so isn't the KITCHEN .... NOTHING and i MEAN NOTHING is worse then a ADULT man or woman BLOWING their NOSE while im eating... and YES i have said something to the people rather then the waitress don't forget putting her in the middle may cause HER to lose her TIP.... go direct or goto the MGR... babies are just babies but, their is NO excuse for a ADULT to be GROSS in PUBLIC.

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01/02/2013 10:02PM
Dirty Diaper = Loss of Appetite
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