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Did a Man Cave help or hurt your relationship?

No more fights over the remote...AND...a place for my stuff--that's why I need to convert our guest bedroom into a Man Cave.  I have a small office in a corner of our house for SOME of my sports memorabilia and antique radios but it's not nearly enough space.

I need a Man Cave!!!


Men who need a man cave but don't build one may end up creating one in their relationship. They achieve this by withdrawing, getting defensive when their partner asks for more of their time and sometimes by abandoning the relationship. Guys need time to be alone. Women do too, but women often prefer the company of friends during their "alone time."

So can a Man Cave REALLY improve your relationship?  I think so.

Here's what you had to say on the air this morning...

My boyfriend's Man Cave was the best thing that ever happened. It truly saved our relationship.

I wish I could make him a man cave! I'd fill it with video games, food, a fully stocked bar & dart boards. This way
he would stay home more & I wouldn't have to worry about him out at bar & driving home.

My husband became married to his computer in his Man Cave. We are divorced now.

Great idea! Maybe that's what my husband needs.

I think the Man Cave can either make or break marriage. It depends on the couple. I will say it broke my marriage. He eventually moved out of our bedroom and into the lower level of the house. We're now divorced!

My husband's Man Cave saves our marriage on a daily basis!

My husband has a Man Cave, and I think it’s a wonderful idea. It gives us both the space we need! It also provides a wonderful home for all of his sports related things. It’s really a great idea!

Grow up Rocky, you don't need a "man cave"... are you 12?

Man cave helps...I have on first floor with collectables and TV...other in it and so does she.

My husband and I do have a man cave, pool table, homemade bar, fridge,...because if he wants to watch a game or something he can do what he wants and then I can do what I want to in the house.

Your thoughts?

And if you need some ideas for a Man Cave  CLICK HERE


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03/13/2012 9:43AM
Did a Man Cave help or hurt your relationship?
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